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Morgans Mass for Silverstone

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Bentley Drivers Club to host a Morgan race

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5th July, 2009

No fewer than twenty 4-cylinder Morgans – the largest number ever seen in one race – have been invited to compete for the Morgan Techniques Trophy at the spectacular two-day Bentley Drivers Club meeting at Silverstone (England) on 8th-9th August, 2009. Morgans of all shapes and sizes will also be seen out in force in the Power Torque Morgan Challenge race, which promises a 30-plus grid of Morgans from the 1960s to date, and in competition against other classic names such as AC, MG and Jaguar in multi-marque races over the weekend.

The Morgan turn-out will be a fitting tribute to this, Morgan’s centenary year. While Morgan itself has been in existence for 100 years, the Bentley Drivers Club (BDC) has hosted Morgan races at its Silverstone meeting since the 1960s – indeed, for some 20 years the BDC meeting was the only event which staged a dedicated Morgan race. Consequently the links between the two racing fraternities are strong, and the grids are always packed.

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Brian Gateston of  Morgan specialist Techniques said, “We should have a full grid in the Morgan, MG and AC Scratch Race, with Morgans dating from 1952 up to the present day competing for the Techniques Trophy. A record twenty 4-cylinder cars would be a fantastic way to celebrate the BDC’s 60th Anniversary Meeting at Silverstone and Morgan’s centenary. It’s always a hugely popular race meeting with drivers and their families, and with Morgan enthusiasts in general. There’s a great, clubby feel, with some really close racing – and it’s so good to see the cars out on the track, rather than covered up in a collection.”

Power Torque Morgan Challenge Series Coordinator, Kate Orebi Gann, said, “We have raced at the Bentley Drivers Club meetings since August 1985, when it was the fourth race of our Series’ first season. This year, as well as the older Morgans, there will be a large number of the highly competitive 6-cylinder Roadsters. We love coming back because it provides a wonderful family day out, with handicap and scratch races as well as the serious business of the Challenge round.”

A number of drivers who took part in the original 1985 Morgan Challenge BDC meeting race will compete at Silverstone again this August, including Mary Lindsay, Leigh Sebba, Barry Sumner and Jack Bellinger.

A strong Morgan presence in the paddock is also promised: previous BDC meetings have seen ‘TOK 258’ – the 1962 2.0-litre Le Mans class-winning Plus Four – on display, and the organisers aim to bring together a splendid show for 8th-9th August, 2009.


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