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BMW Welt Celebrates Its First Birthday


7th November, 2008

BMW Welt Celebrates Its First Birthday (copyright image) After nine thousand Weiner Schnitzels, 16,000 new vehicle handovers, 600,000 meals, two million visitors and thousands of key rings, BMW Welt last month celebrated its first birthday.

In that time more than 22,600 children boosted BMW’s production numbers by building more than 5,000 small ‘cars’ in teams of four to five “young engineers”.

In just 12 months, BMW Welt has become the second most popular sight in Munich with over 2.2 million visitors to the unique building and wide range of exhibits and displays.

All kinds of exhibitions, the opportunity to pick-up a new car at the BMW Welt, guided tours as well as jazz and pre-Christmas concerts have attracted visitors from both Germany and all over the world to this new meeting place. More than 220 external events have also attracted a wide range of participants to the BMW Welt Events Forum, many guests taking the opportunity to admire the unique architecture of this modern structure and enjoy a delicious meal in one of the restaurants.

The 'heart' of the BMW Welt is the emotional experience customers enjoy when picking up their new car. More than 16,000 customers personally took delivery of their BMW at BMW Welt in the first year. Customers came not only from Germany, but also from countries as far away as the USA, Canada, Russia, India, and Botswana.

A very popular highlight among customers is picking up their car on their own birthday.

Other very special occasions in the delivery of new cars were the symbolic handover of 30 – out of 950 – cars ordered by the police to the State of Bavaria as well as an American couple that got married the day before and picked up their new car wearing their wedding attire, leaving an eternal message in the guest book in the lounge: “Thank you for making our day so memorable.”

Numerous comments and statements highlight the strong emotional link many customers picking up their cars feel for the BMW Welt: “The Welt is the most beautiful building in the world” stated one.

“We are very happy indeed that the BMW Welt is so popular among our customers and that we have succeeded in achieving such an enormously high level of customer satisfaction”, says Rudolf Wiedemann, the Director of the BMW Welt.

Almost 600,000 guests have experienced BMW Welt’s two restaurants, bistro and coffee bar. Weiner Schnitzel has proved particularly popular (served 8,900 times so far) followed by Apfelstrudel (6,500 times).

Among the many souvenirs on sale in the BMW Welt Shop, the classic ball point pen enjoys the highest level of popularity (14,500 pens sold), with key rings coming next at 10,000 rings sold.

In the Junior Campus, the unique Adventure and Encounter Area for 7 – 13-year olds in the BMW Welt, more than 22,600 children have built more than 5,000 small cars in teams of four to five “young engineers” in the first year alone.

Apart from individual visitors, more than 430 school classes and other educational institutes have visited the Junior Campus, as well as more than 280 children coming to the Campus to celebrate their birthday with friends.

The Royal Institute of British Architects in London presented the renowned RIBA European Award to the BMW Welt for its innovative and trend-setting architecture.

Christian Ude, the Mayor of Munich, described the BMW Welt using the following words, “With their location directly in the Olympic Park, the BMW Welt has become not only a popular attraction for everyone in Munich, but also a tourist highlight and an enrichment for our city. So I congratulate the BMW Welt most warmly on this outstanding success and wish the organisation all the very best for the future.”

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