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BMW M Division post strong sales results in 2008

2008 BMW M3 Sedan pictured in Australia - Silver - Image Source BMW Australia - Displayed at www.nextcar.com.au
29th December, 2008

BMW M GmbH has increased year on year sales, with year to date sales of 22,340 vehicles worldwide as of November 2008. This compares with the previous year’s equivalent figures of 14,092 units - meaning an increase greater than 50 per cent.

A major contribution to this was the success of the new BMW M3, which has shown continuously increasing sales figures since its market launch and which is now offered in three body variations - including the sedan - see picture.

BMW M GmbH exceeded the total 2007 sales figure of 16,128 units in August this year. Since then, the positive sales development has continued. In November 2008 alone some 1,900 BMW M cars were delivered.

“The fact that our dealers were able to supply significantly more vehicles than the average of the last nine months even in such dramatic times for the world economy demonstrates the fascination and attraction which BMW M automobiles exercise on our customers,” explains Ludwig Willisch, President of BMW M GmbH.

BMW M sales in Australia have emulated the global success story, increasing by over 50 per cent compared to last year and on track to post the best sales year in history.

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