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Bristol set to lift profile

by Stephen Walker (copyright image)

Bristol Fighter (copyright image)

Bristol 411 Series 6

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8th June, 2010

The UK's Bristol Cars is a long established and exclusive brand. However, the former aircraft manufacturer is almost an unnoticed brand.

The average production is just 150 cars per annum. The firm quietly promotes their cars. However, the company has signalled an interest in increasing their profile.

Bristol Cars Chairman Toby Silverton, who acquired part of the company in 1997, said: “They (Bristols) are built for people who have driven a lot of miles in a lot of different cars and are not looking for gimmicks like electrically massaging seats or an onboard cappuccino maker. We think that we provide them with a car that provides long-term enjoyment to its owner, driver and passengers .... ”.

Silverton and his family now own 100 per cent of the company, having acquired the remaining shareholding in 2001.

The current range of cars include:

  • Fighter - a V10 aluminium and carbon-fibre bodied, 212 mph capable coupe.
  • Blenheim 3, a luxurious and supremely comfortable grand touring coupe.
  • Blenheim Speedster.
  • 411 Series 6, an early seventies styled grand tourer with a modern drivetrain with modern refinement.

The company operates from a showroom in Kensington (London), whilst the factory is located in Filton (Bristol).


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