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Caterham Seven for 2010

Caterham Seven SV R300 (copyright image)

Caterham Seven SV R300

Caterham Seven CSR 175 (copyright image)

Caterham Seven CSR 175

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22nd March, 2010

A dramatically lower priced range of Caterham Seven sports cars is now available to the Australian market.

This has been made possible by the introduction of a new Caterham-Ford 2.0 litre engine, which replaces the previous very nice, but also very expensive, hand built Cosworth 2.3 litre engine.

Developed in close collaboration with Ford in the UK, Australia receives a Euro 4 Type Approved version of the new 4-cylinder power plant.

To cater for different customer expectations, the new Caterham-Ford engine is available in three different models. These are the:
Roadsport SV 175
Superlight SV R300
CSR 175

The Caterham Seven Roadsport SV 175

Based on the outgoing SVR 200 model, the new Roadsport SV 175 model is powered by the new 129 kW (175 bhp), 1,999 cc, DOHC, 16-valve engine.

Although it develops 18 kW less power than the previous Cosworth powered model, it is priced at $82,950*, some $26,050 less than before.

As the name suggests, the Roadsport model is primarily intended for road use and its standard specification therefore includes items such as full weather protection. Nonetheless, it is still a very focused light weight sports car, aimed at the true enthusiast, as are all Caterhams.

It is the very tactile driving experience that makes driving and owning a Caterham so special. The joy of seeing the front suspension and steering at work from the driver’s seat is not something most motorists will appreciate, but for the Caterham enthusiast, this is part of the magic.

As is the delightful short-throw manual gearbox, the unassisted direct steering and the unassisted brakes. These are all aspects that make driving a Caterham so involving, compared to the anesthetised feel of many other modern cars.

Standard specifications include:

5-speed gearbox
14” alloy wheels, fitted with 185/60x14 HR Avon ZV3 tyres
De Dion rear suspension
Electrically heated windscreen
Padded armrests in the sidescreens
Cloth seat trim
Roll-over bar
Black pack - headlights, windscreen and exhaust finished in Black
Carbon fibre fascia, sills and rear guard protectors

The Caterham Seven Superlight SV R300

The R300 model badge conjures up a lot of respect and admiration amongst Caterham enthusiasts. In fact, Australian enthusiasts have never before had access to the track oriented R300 model.

As its name suggests, everything that is not absolutely necessary is not included in the R300 specification.

Therefore, the standard specification deletes items that add weight, such as the heater, the windscreen and the weather equipment. These are not things that the Track Day enthusiast requires.

For more normal use, these items can however be included at additional cost.

Other standard features on the R300 include:

Bespoke Caterham designed 6-speed ultra close ratio gearbox
Adjustable suspension platforms
Adjustable rear anti-roll bar
15” Anthracite finish alloy wheels
Bespoke Avon CR500 tyres in 195/45 x 15 VR size
Carbon fibre wind deflector
Carbon fibre front guards

The recommended retail price for the R300 is $92,530*.

The Caterham Seven CSR 175

The CSR model is the newest evolution of the venerable Seven design.

Also based on the longer and wider SV chassis, the CSR features inboard front suspension and a fully independent rear suspension.

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As with the R300, the coil over spring damper units are adjustable and an adjustable front anti-roll bar is also included on the CSR.

The CSR shares the 254 mm ventilated front disc brakes with the SV 175 and the SV R300, but adds larger 254 mm solid rear discs, as opposed to the 230 mm solid discs used on the De Dion rear suspension models.

Wider 9” rear wheels and 245/40 section rear tyres are also offered as an option on the CSR model.

The recommended retail price for the CSR 175 model is $95,530*.

The Caterham Seven Roadsport SV 120

For the more budget conscious enthusiast, the 1.6 litre Ford Sigma engined Roadsport SV 120 model (replacing the previous SVR 120 model) still provides the thrill of Caterham motoring, but at a more affordable price.

Priced at only $64,900*, the SV 120 model comes as standard with a 5-speed manual gearbox, De Dior rear suspension and the same 14” wheel and tyre combination as fitted to the higher powered SV 175 model.

Features such as full weather protection equipment, an electrically heated windscreen and cloth trim are part of the standard specifications.

In summary

Caterham enthusiasts in Australia now have the largest range of Caterham Sevens ever from which to choose a bespoke, fun to drive sports car.

Australian Model Range and Pricing

The Caterham model range in Australia is now as follows:

Model   Engine   Retail Price

  • Seven CSR 175        2.0 Caterham-Ford   $95,530*
  • Seven Superlight SV R300      2.0 Caterham-Ford  $92,530*
  • Seven Roadsport SV 175    2.0 Caterham-Ford  $82,950*
  • Seven Roadsport SV 120    1.6 Ford Sigma     $64,900*

Caterham Racing cars:

Caterham racing cars can be ordered, fully built or in kit form. Cars are individually quoted on price, depending on customer specifications.

NOTE: * Prices exclude dealer delivery fees and the various statutory charges imposed by state/territory governments.


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