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Citroen DS Inside Concept Hints At 2010 Citroen DS3

Citroen DS Inside concept (copyright image)

Citroen DS Inside concept (copyright image)

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31st May, 2009

CitroŽn has provided its first hint at the interior styling of the all-new Citroen DS3 by unveiling a new iteration of the DS Inside concept model.

At its launch early next year, the Citroen DS3 will present owners with an unprecedented range of touches to express their personality, and the haute-couture cabin of the latest DS Inside goes some way to previewing the level of detail and individuality that will be available.

The dashboard is flowing and airy, whilst the instrument cluster, steering wheel and low, body-hugging seats extend the feeling of dynamism. Black chrome touches around the cabin and a thick lounge style carpet, leave the DS Inside Concept Car exuding class, style and distinction. The concept is strikingly finished with a premium leather roof in pearlescent ivory with a powder-like finish that bears the DS insignia.

The styling project for the DS line has been led by British designer, Mark Lloyd. Beginning with the DS3, the new DS line will deliver a powerful identity to the CitroŽn family. Representing ďDifferent SpiritĒ, it will present an identity strong on modernity and distinction, drawing its 'DNA' clearly from CitroŽnís history of innovation and unforgettable design.


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