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9th September, 2011

Cub Campers has a range of camper trailers to suit a wide variety of requirements whether you're an outback traveller or a holiday maker heading to the coast on a tarmac road.

Cub Campers are simple and economical to own and use and according to CEO Roger Fagan there is something for everyone in the Cub Camper range.

For the past 43 years Cub Campers has been an Australian family-owned business designing, building and selling quality camper trailers for Australia's demanding conditions. The extensive 2011 range offers a variety of specifications and options.


The Kamparoo range features the most compact, lightweight models. The popular Kamparoo Weekender was featured in Hans Tholstrup's fuel efficiency test - in 2008 he travelled from Sydney to Melbourne on less than a tank of fuel, towing a Kamparoo Weekender behind a Hyundai i30 diesel, averaging just 5.66 litres per 100 km! The Kamparoo is just 2.2 metres long with a towing height of just 1.2 metres making it perfect for small car owners.

The Kamparoo Vacationer and Weekender can be optioned with a Transcontinental Pack delivering a semi-off-road capability. In addition there are two off-road models, the Kamparoo Brumby and the Kamparoo Daintree which are ideal for heading off-road with a small-to-mid-sized 4x4s.

Cub caters for small cars and even motor bikes with the compact Kamparoo Junior which is ideal for towing behind motor cycles and small cars, or for people who enjoy the independence of travelling on their own.


Cub's Supamatic range of campers is the next step up offering light weight with plenty of space and extensive luxury inclusions to make the most of your camping holiday. There are three models in the Cub Supamatic line-up. Entry level Supamatic Escape, the mid-range Regal and the top of the line Drover. The Escape is equipped with a roll-out stainless steel kitchen, a longer bed as standard, as well as increased living space. The Escape can be optioned with a Transcontinental pack for increased durability and practicality in off-road use or it can also be ordered as a full on-road variant.

The Supamatic Regal is Cub's deluxe model and most popular camper featuring a regulated gas deluxe kitchen with stove-top and grille, plus a 60 litre three-way fridge/freezer. There is a choice of inside or outside kitchen, double or single beds and many of the features of a caravan. Despite this the Regal is still lightweight, easy to tow and can be erected in minutes.

The Regal is is available with a Transcontinental Pack for outback touring or can be ordered as an off-road model with a choice of three different bed lay-outs and with either an indoor or outdoor kitchen.

For the complete off-road experience Cub's Supamatic Drover provides the ultimate off-road experience. Drover is only available as an off-road model and has been engineered to withstand rugged outback extremes and has been extensively tested at Cub's very own proving ground.

It features 16-inch alloy wheels, independent suspension, an off-road hitch, a rear utility swing rack, a deep cycle battery, stone stopper mud flaps, a stone guard, over-ride brakes, a 127-litre water tank,


The Spacematic is the luxury family camper trailer - the roomiest in its class with an overall towing length of just three metres. The Spacematic range includes the entry-level Escape, the mid-range Regal or Cub's top-of-the-range off-road experience the Spacematic Drover.

The Spacematic Escape is ideal for week-end get aways, family holidays, or longer journeys, is lightweight and easy to tow and offers a choice of internal lay outs. It is available with the Transcontinental Pack for outback touring or can be ordered as an off-road model.

The Spacematic Regal offers spacious interiors and comes with standard features, such as a deluxe awning, choice of inside or outside kitchen and is easily towed by many small-to-medium-sized 4-cylinder cars.

The Spacematic Drover provides the ultimate off-road experience, with all the living space and included extras that the Spacematic range provides with rugged features such as 16" wheels, independent suspension, over-ride brakes and an off-road hitch as standard inclusions.


The Spacevan range of camper trailers is Cub's most spacious offering but still only weighs from 720 kg with a ball weight from just 45kg making it ideal for towing behind medium-sized cars.

In addition it is less than two metres wide, allowing it to be towed safely without clip-on mirrors. The Spacevan is a lightweight camper trailer with clever design that means the Spacevan offers many of the features of a caravan, all in a three-metre long body.

Spacevan line-up features four models including the Spacevan Escape in touring and off-road variants, the Spacevan Regal also in touring and off-road versions, the Spacevan Drover off-road model and the new Spacevan-4-kids which features spacious double bunks with full bedding for two adults and two children.


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