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Trakka Fiat Torino Xtra Remote (copyright image)

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The pursuit of motor homing pleasure is fully realised with Trakka’s new Torino Xtra Remote motor home which enables owners to get further off the beaten track in complete luxury than ever before as well as offering exceptional value for money standard inclusions, such as the build components, the latest in technology and environmental efficiencies.

Built on a Fiat Ducato base with a fuel efficient 3.0L multi-jet diesel engine matched to a six speed Manual Transmission Automated (MTA) gearbox, the Trakka Fiat Torino Xtra Remote offers a blend of power, acceleration, relaxing drive and smooth gear changes.

“The MTA gearbox is designed and developed specifically for motor home use and combines the performance and economy of manual gearbox with the ease of use of an automatic, making it the ideal solution for motor home users who want the economy of manual on long trips and the ease of manoeuvring a motoring home with an automatic gearbox around town,” says Andrei Zaitzev, General Manager for Fiat in Australia.

“The award-winning Fiat Ducato has a unique reputation for reliability and durability and this makes it the ideal base-vehicle for the Fiat Torino Xtra Remote. The 3.0 litre Multijet Turbo Diesel engine was designed and developed specifically for use in motor homes and commercial vehicles and, therefore, offers power and torque curves that meet the specific needs of motor home users compared to diesel engines shared with cars.”

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“Combined with Trakka’s well-earned reputation for high quality motor home design and construction, there is no doubt that Trakka Fiat Torino Xtra Remote will prove extremely popular for motor home users looking to bring new meaning to the phrase ‘getting off the beaten track’,” says Mr Zaitzev.

The ‘Remote’ labelling of this motor home alludes to Trakka’s innovative integration of a diesel stove, diesel water heater and ducted diesel room heating.

“Our customers want to stay away from it all for longer. By using state-of-the-art, more efficient, diesel technology to power some components of the Torino Xtra Remote, a couple can stay ‘remote’ for much longer,” says Martin Poate, General Manager, Trakka.

“The Torino Xtra Remote is designed for extended periods away from city powered sites, so Trakka also developed a smart Electronic Control Panel for motor homers to easily monitor the conditions of batteries, water tank levels, air temperature, time and component switching – all at the touch of a button,” says Mr Poate.

Environmental efficiencies are evident in the Torino Xtra Remote with plenty of low-draw LED dimmable lights and a 120 litre freshwater tank.

“Trakka has increased its focus on the environment. That’s why standard inclusions such as a motorised skylight for natural light, effective insulation and a solar panel all contribute to reducing the environmental footprint with a Trakka motor home” said Mr Poate.

A carbon based water filtration system in the Torino Xtra Remote improves water quality to ensure travellers have quality and consistent water supply wherever they travel.

Space saving is achieved with Trakka’s hallmark switch mode bathroom where a remote controlled toilet slides under the vanity for greater shower space, and the height adjustable bed provides greater storage space in the boot compartment.

The Trakka Torino Extra Remote is priced at $136,700 drive-away in NSW.

NOTE: Trakka patented Switch Mode Bathroom


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