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Fiat 500 Launch Becomes A Major Production



27th June, 2007

2007 Fiat 500

Next week (4th-5th July 2007) towns and cities across Italy will come to a standstill to celebrate the launch of the new Fiat 500, some 50 years after the launch of the original 500. The Italian car maker is organising a launch on a truly epic scale.

When the original car was launched, a cavalcade of 150 cars paraded through Fiat’s home town of Turin. For the new Fiat 500, not only will there be a massive event in Turin, but another 30 cities across Italy will close their city centres and historic squares to every car – except for Fiat 500s, old and new.

In Turin on 4th July there will be a party for more than 7,000 guests from 63 countries. The following day in Rome senior Fiat executives will present the Fiat 500 to the President of Italy.

At the same time, across Italy some of the most historic and beautiful squares and piazzas will be dedicated to the Fiat 500, including piazza del Popolo in Rome, piazza Duomo in Milano, piazza Politeama in Palermo and piazza San Carlo in Turin. In each a special part will be held with entertainment, car displays and food stalls.

But the biggest moment will be the show planned for Turin on 4th July that will start at 10 PM in the Murazzi area down by the River Po.

For the Fiat 500 release there will be an extraordinary kaleidoscope of lights, sounds, music and performances that will enrapture the public present in the stands in corso Cairoli. In addition to the 7,000 guests already mentioned there will be 500 employees of the Fiat Mirafiori factory and 4,500 people who have taken part in the scratch card contest run by La Stampa and they will be joined by tens of thousands more watching the show on maxi-screens in Turin’s finest squares, the piazza Vittorio Veneto, piazza San Carlo, piazza Castello and piazza Emanuele Filiberto, or all those who decide to watch the live television broadcast.

The culmination of the presentation will be the arrival of the car which, for the first time, will show itself off in all its beauty and originality to the public at large.

But this is just the start of the party!

On 4th July, before the evening show, Turin’s finest squares will play host to numerous, original initiatives dedicated to the new Fiat: from piazza Vittorio Veneto to piazza San Carlo, from piazza Castello to the Quadrilatero Romano, as far as the evocative Borgo Dora. The event will also provide an ideal opportunity for visiting the Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli, which will remain open till 9 PM, or one of the numerous museums in the city centre, some of which will be open until 2 AM.

On the morning of 5th July, after the press conference at PalaIsozaki, 180 cars will leave the Stadio Comunale while, in corso Traiano, some historic Fiat 500s will provide the framework for picnics, shopkeepers’ parties, street markets and animations. Owners of original Fiat 500s will be able to drive round the test track at Mirafiori and organise a photo to remember it by.

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