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On-site Fiat Ducato 'check-ups' at an Italian summer camp site.

Fiat Ducato summer camp in Italy

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6th June, 2012

Fiat has announced a new partnership with the "Ca' Savio" camp site in Jesolo, Venice (Italy), which marks the beginning of a one of a kind initiative. For the Italian summer, the camp site will become "Cą Savio Fiat Ducato" and Fiat Ducato motor home owners will receive exclusive advantages and services to allow them to enjoy a peaceful, fun and worry-free holiday.

The first ever themed campsite experience dedicated especially to motor homes, the "Ca' Savio  Fiat Ducato" camping initiative will allow all Ducato camper van and motor home owners to enjoy a holiday filled with first-class service and total relaxation. The "peace of mind" which awaits the Jesolo camp site's guests will be guaranteed by an on-site Ducato "mobile service centre" located inside the camp site, as well the offer of free check-ups for all vehicles mounted on a Ducato chassis, with further benefits available to all of the camp site's guests, such as the free shuttle to Venice and the various entertainment activities on offer throughout the summer.

The Ducato's attraction resides not only in the typical characteristics of the product which are well-known and appreciated by the market, but also in the additional values which it conveys. In this regard, the "Ca' Savio Fiat Ducato" camp site initiative is an expression of shared values such as cost-effectiveness, freedom and ecology.

Once again, the Fiat Ducato is "paving the way" and forging ever stronger links with the motor home world. As the sector's clear leader, Fiat is the only vehicle manufacturer to manufacture chassis which are specifically designed, developed and manufactured for conversion, produced in collaboration with motor home manufacturers, as well as being one of the first to offer a range of services dedicated to providing a support network conceived especially for Ducato motor home owners. And now, Fiat has taken yet another step forward in becoming the first manufacturer to "go on holiday" with its customers. And it is precisely this new service dimension that Fiat is embracing with initiatives such as "Ca' Savio Fiat Ducato" which have a unique and specific objective: allowing motor home owners to focus solely on enjoying their holidays, by providing them with made to measure service and technical support, whenever they need it at they Jesolo camp site.

Factors such as trends in registration, the size of the used vehicle market, but also the growing number of motor shows in the sector show how the motor home world possesses potential which as yet remains untapped. Motor home holidays are becoming ever more desirable throughout Europe. The outlook is more than positive: in 2011 alone, sales of new and used motor homes in Europe reached a new record of more than 250,000 units. A commercial success which is further confirmed by the extraordinary attendance of the sector's motor shows, such as those in Dusseldorf (Germany) and Birmingham (England).

The Ca' Savio Campsite (Jesolo, Venice)

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Located on the wide coast of Cavallino and the good base for visiting Venice and the islands of the lagoon, the Ca' Savio camp site in Jesolo, Venice, covers an area of 268 thousand square metres, along almost 1 km of sea front, and houses 1,500 sites, several swimming pools, parks, baby clubs, spas, restaurants, supermarkets and a range of other services. For almost 50 years, the camp site has welcomed guests from all over Europe, looking to rediscover the simplicity of life outdoors with friends and family in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.

"Meant to be a motorhome"

Fiat claim the Ducato was "meant to be a motor home" - right from the design phase, it has been conceived and developed in collaboration with the biggest European motor caravan manufacturers. This is reflected in the plethora of solutions devised especially to optimise both driving and life on board a Ducato-based motor home.

Recently restyled, the new Ducato is the evolution of a best seller which for the last thirty years - with its five generations - has been reaping commercial successes, as proven by the over 2.3 million vehicles sold worldwide from 1981 to date.

This is how a winning product came along, capable of meeting every outfitter's requirements: simply consider the fact that given the possible combinations of bodies, capacities and engines, a record 700 motor home-specific versions can be achieved, a third of the Ducato's total versions. To this Fiat can add ease of outfitting, reduced costs, and above all, quality and versatility for the end customer. The end result is a market leading product with record sales: more than two out of three motor homes sold in Europe are on a Ducato chassis.

Euro 5 engines, the best in class in terms of their performance/consumption ratio

Fiat is the only manufacturer to offer a specific engine for each type of motor caravan, as well as a variety of power options for each engine. All Euro 5, the range of engines was redesigned last year to offer even greater power - with an average 15/20 HP increase - and consumption which has been reduced by 9-10% compared to the previous Euro 4 engines.

It should be mentioned here that Fiat cliam that Ducato's engines are the best in class in their categories in terms of their performance/consumption ratio, as well as standing out thanks to their almost noiseless running, optimised weight and increased service intervals (48,000 km).

The 115 MultiJet is the most "eco-friendly" engine in its category, suitable for compact motor homes, while the 130 and 150 MultiJet versions offer elasticity and are ideal for medium sized motor homes. Specifically, the 150 HP version offers the same performance as the previous 3 litre Euro 4 engine, but with significantly reduced consumption. And finally, the 180 MultiJet Power has been adapted for large sized motor homes, or those weighing more than 3.5 tonnes, which is a growing market segment. Depending on the version, the new Ducato engines also benefit from second-generation MultiJet injection, Fiat's byword for technology, performance and cost-effective running.

Customers are therefore able to select the engine option which best meets their needs and best suits the type of motor home that they require.


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