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Fiat Ducato takes 30%+ of motor home market (copyright image)

Fiat Ducato based motor home
constructed by Cruisin' Motorhomes
(the motor home rental company).

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4th May, 2014

The Fiat Ducato has become the most preferred vehicle base on which the next generation of Australian luxury motor homes are built.

More than a third of Australian-made motor homes are now crafted on the purpose-built Fiat Ducato base, which is attributable to Fiat being the only European brand that designs and builds a vehicle specifically for motor home construction.

One of the latest Fiat Ducato-based Australian-built motor home is a luxurious six berth slide-out from Tasmanian manufacturer and hire company Cruisin’ Motorhomes.

The growth in baby-boomer retirement and the Australian dream of exploring our continent is driving growth in local motor home manufacturing.

The new cohort of motor home owners and renters demand the best in comfort, safety and technology in both driving and accommodation experience.

The result is a high value Australian motor home manufacturing industry that is delivering motor homes brimming with designer interiors and a host of innovative features.

Cruisin’ Motorhomes’ latest six berth slide-out boasts all the luxuries of a modern home and provides extra space at the push of a button.

Cruisin’ Motorhomes has used the foundation vehicle to launch a larger motor home that can still be driven on a normal licence and offers superior space and amenities.

The innovative motor home has already become the most popular hire vehicle on the Cruisin’ fleet.

“This new addition to our fleet gives customers the extra space they want on their motor home holiday,” said Grant Lucas, Cruisin’s Head of Production and part-owner of the family business.

Cruisin’ Motorhomes’ six berth slide-out includes unique slide-out room to bolster interior space, while a separate shower and toilet area and ample storage space add to the sleek comforts of the spacious vehicle.

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“Every step of the production of the Fiat Ducato motor home has been undertaken with our customers in mind,” Mr Lucas added. “We want to provide them with a hassle-free and comfortable experience.”

The Fiat Ducato features a capable chassis that can handle high payloads and significant towing capacity in addition to a powerful 3.0-litre turbo diesel engine that delivers performance, reliability and usability.

The latest Ducato also includes Fiat’s advanced Traction Plus System to deliver exceptional stability and traction in slippery and rough terrain.

Driver and passenger airbags and the latest ABS braking technology headline the Ducato’s safety systems.

The ergonomically designed cabin features supportive seats with maximum adjustability, visibility and a suite of communication systems and driver aids.

Bluetooth phone connectivity with voice control, a fully integrated mount for TomTom navigation and a host of thoughtful interior features ensure that the focus is as much on the enjoyment of the journey as it is on the destination.

Fiat Ducato RVs are equipped with specially designed all-rounder tyres that maximise traction and reduce flat spotting when the vehicle is static for long periods.

Suspension is modified to provide a plush ride, while Ducato’s short front overhang also allows for easier access to trickier park sites and tight storage locations.

The Fiat Ducato-based six berth slide-out from Cruisin’ Motorhomes is confirmation that Australian high value vehicle manufacturing is capable of leading the world, providing a satisfying shot in the arm for the Australian specialist manufacturing sector.



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