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Ford #1 in Ireland

4th July, 2010 (copyright image)

Ford Focus Zetec (Australian specification shown)

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The Irish car market rebounded strongly in the first half of 2010, with sales up 45%, according to statistics from the Society for the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI). Ford, the best-selling car brand over the period, is predicting a full-year industry wide sales target of almost 85,000 cars this year, an increase of 27,540 on last year.

Total sales in Ireland grew to 67,856 in the year to date. Ford, with 13.6% market share, topped the market, ahead of Volkswagen (11.7%) and Toyota (11.6%). Sales in June alone were up 75.9% on last year.

Irish Car Sales


June 2010

January-June 2010


1,252 (14.8%)

9,214 (13.6%)


1,033 (12.2%)

7,971 (11.7%)


 746 (8.8%)

7,901 (11.6%)


 839 (9.9%)

6,459 (9.5%)

GM (Opel)

 758 (9%)

5,145 (7.6%)

Total industry



June car sales totalled 8,459 units, with Ford the best-selling brand, followed by Volkswagen.

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“In spite of unfavourable conditions, the car industry has been resilient this year,” comments David O’Driscoll, Sales Director, Ford Ireland. ”The Government acted with a scrappage stimulus, and this has certainly induced buyers into the market. The industry has responded, with unprecedented and ongoing deals, and motorists in turn have responded, recognising the value on offer. The Fiesta and Focus are powerful illustrations of the impact of the above factors, and, as two of the country’s best-selling models, have kept Ford as the No.1 brand.” With 3,242 units sold, the Ford Focus was the best selling car in Ireland for the 6 month period.

“Customers, though reticent in their spending, still have an appetite for new cars.  Scarcity of finance, however, remains a stubborn impediment to growth.”

The bounce–back in the commercial sector so far this year was considerably more measured, at 16% on same period last year. Again, Ford was the top-selling brand, with 19.1% market share.


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