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Ford Ecosport Titanium (copyright image)

Ford Ecosport Titanium

Note how the tailgate opens the wrong way for Australian conditions!

Ford Ecosport arrives

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12th January, 2014

Fordís newest urban sports utility vehicle, the Ford EcoSport, is now available in Australia. Designed in Brazil, made in India, the little front-wheel drive Ecosport is priced from $20,790*.

The newest Ford SUVís command driving position, fuel efficiency, easy manoeuvrability, and convenient features all make it worthy for city streets and urban commuting.

Giving customers choice, the Ford EcoSport is available in eight colours, three trim levels, two engine options, as well as manual and automatic transmissions.

The new model project was led by Fordís Development Centre in Brazil. The team leveraged Ford engineering expertise globally to come up with the all-new Ford EcoSport, which is intended to help drive some growth for Ford brand around the world.

Clever capability

The all-new Ford EcoSport makes driving fun and intuitive with an array of smart features. The little SUV offers Ford SYNCģ, the voice-activated in-car connectivity system powered by Microsoft. The system enables drivers to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel while choosing their favourite music and making phone calls using voice commands.

With Smart Keyless Entry available on the Titanium model, customers no longer need their key to unlock the SUV or to start the engine. They can unlock the doors automatically by pulling the door handle; push the Ford Power Start button and go.

The Ford EcoSportís cabin also has 20 practical storage spaces, including a glove box that can keep up to six beverage cans cool.

The rear seats can be reclined in some models for greater comfort or easily folded down for additional cargo space. With the rear seats tumbled against the front seats, the boot space increases to 705 litres. The rear seats can also be split 60:40 to transport long objects.

Revolutionary EcoBoost technology

Ford brings its tiny 1.0-litre three-cylinder EcoBoost technology to the all-new Ford EcoSport. The three-cylinder delivers power and performance expected of a larger engine but with an improvement in fuel economy.

In Australia, the 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine will also be joined by an economical 1.5-litre petrol engine with twin independent variable camshaft timing (Ti-VCT).

Quality that speaks to all five senses

With a signature Ford front end, dramatic rising beltline and a ready-to-go stance, the new Ford EcoSport is entered into the cheaper end of the SUV market. The Titanium spare tyre, with an exclusively designed wheel, is mounted on the tailgate.

Inside, soft-touch fabrics, tight gaps and the Ice Blue dashboard illumination all reinforce quality and craftsmanship. Controls and knobs are ergonomically placed while seats are designed to be soft enough for comfort and firm enough for longer journeys.

The cabin is also said to be quiet at high speeds, thanks to efforts to reduce noise, vibration and harshness. Add to this an effective climate control system, and the customer should be comfortable in the Ford EcoSport.

The Ford EcoSportís compact dimensions and the electric power-assisted steering with Pull-Drift Compensation help drivers attend the stress of city driving, be it parking in small spaces, manoeuvring in heavy traffic, or making tight U-turns.

The Ford EcoSportís high ground clearance of 200 mm also means customers wonít have to worry about driving over speed bumps and potholes. And with its exceptional ability to wade through 550 mm of water, drivers can confidently drive through large pools of water that have no obstacles preventing the progress of the car (as it is with any vehicle).

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Cool, quiet and refined

Paying special attention to passenger comfort in the Ford EcoSportís cabin, the engineers developed an air conditioning system that is so effective that it can cool the cabin from 65 degrees Celsius to under 30 degrees Celsius in just 10 minutes.

The automatic climate control system uses inputs from the sun load sensor, ambient temperature and integrated in-car temperature sensor to adjust and maintain the desired temperature in the cabin.

Given that air-conditioning can affect fuel economy, the engineers used a new compressor technology that requires less energy.

To ensure the Ford EcoSportís climate control system can handle all weather conditions, it was tested in temperatures from -20 to 50 degrees Celsius, at humidity levels between 20 and 85 per cent, and went through at least 1,000 wind tunnel tests.

The second thing that Ford EcoSport occupants will realise after getting into the SUV is how quiet it is. The engineers took painstaking effort to prevent noise, vibration and harshness from intruding into the cabin. They spent countless hours tweaking computational fluid dynamics models and testing vehicle shapes in the wind tunnel for one that reduces wind noise.

They put in sound-deadening materials in the doors, roof and body to minimise noise from making its way into the cabin. To reduce the chance of leaks and whistles, the team used a double-sealing system for the doors and applied new technologies for improved glass sealing. Inside the cabin, the urban SUV has an acoustic headliner that helps absorb noise.

The articulation index Ė which measures how easily passengers can converse in the cabin Ė is the top in its segment even at highway cruising speeds. This means that passengers can continue to chat with one another without having to raise their voices even when travelling on the highway.

In addition, the suspension geometry in the Ford EcoSport has been specially designed for an urban SUV.

Dampers and springs have been tuned to achieve an optimal balance of steering, handling and ride. Typically, the design of a vehicle suspension involves a difficult compromise between ride comfort and handling but the engineering team used dampers with a hydraulic rebound stop to combine more of both qualities in the vehicle.

The hydraulic rebound stops use hydraulic fluid to dissipate energy when the damper approaches its full extension.

The technology can reduce the peak force by two to three times compared to traditional mechanical rebound stops, providing a smoother ride for the customers and preventing damage to the vehicle or suspension. This also helps avoid noise when driving through speed bumps.

At the same time, the team engineered excellent stability into the Ford EcoSport by reducing the roll gradient, or how much the car rolls while steering. (copyright image)
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Nimble and agile

The all-new Ford EcoSport is fitted with an electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) system, which delivers precise steering with a natural and confident feel.

More than 90 parameters have been carefully tuned to deliver accurate responses at high speed while remaining light and manageable in parking manoeuvres. The steering is also intelligent enough to vary its assistance based on vehicle speed, steering wheel angle, cornering forces and acceleration or deceleration.

Because the belt-driven power steering pump is eliminated, EPAS results in a quieter vehicle with fewer components drawing engine power. The EPAS steering system also reduces fuel consumption by at least 3 per cent compared to a conventional hydraulic power steering system.

EPAS also enables new technologies that adjust for minor driving annoyances.

Pull-Drift Compensation detects road conditions Ė such as a crowned road surface or blustery crosswinds Ė and adjusts the EPAS system to help the driver compensate for the pulling and drifting these conditions can cause. Active Nibble Control helps reduce vibrations that transfer through the steering wheel. This feature senses and eliminates the "shimmy" felt at high speeds when a wheel is out of balance or a brake rotor is warped. Both software-based technologies are designed and integrated to be seamless and unnoticeable to the driver.

The steering accuracy of the EPAS system is particularly useful when negotiating narrow city streets. The Ford EcoSportís tight turning circle of 10.6 metres also makes navigating urban traffic easier, especially when making U-turns on streets with cars parked on both sides.

Safety and driver assistance

The all-new Ford EcoSport has been designed to provide high levels of protection and driver support through a range of advanced features.

Nearly half of the urban SUVís body structure is made up of high-strength steel and ultra-high-strength steel, such as boron steel, making the Ford EcoSportís frame strong yet lightweight too.

The SUVís array of airbags provides additional peace of mind. The Ford EcoSport offers seven airbags Ė driver and front passenger, driverís knee airbag, side airbags and curtain airbags.

To take the stress out of driving, the Ford EcoSport comes with an array of driver-assist systems. On automatic models, Hill Launch Assist helps drivers make a perfect hill start whether itís uphill or downhill, by holding the SUV for up to three seconds. This prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards or forwards while moving off from the slope, increasing driver confidence.

Advanced safety technologies such as Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), also help customers remain in control of the Ford EcoSport at all times, especially on slippery roads. When it detects that the car is losing control, it automatically reduces engine power and selectively brakes individual wheels to stabilise the vehicle and keep it travelling on track.

The Ford EcoSportís DSC system includes the Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) which prevents the wheels from locking up and helps the vehicle to stop quickly on slippery road surfaces.

Ford Ecosport Prices*

Model Grade





1.5 litre

5 speed maual



1.5 litre

6 speed auto



1.0 litre

5 speed manual



1.5 litre

6 speed auto



1.0 litre

5 speed manual



1.5 litre

6 speed auto


Option: Prestige paint $385*.


* Manufacturer's List Price (MLP) excludes dealer delivery fees and the numerous statutory charges (commonly known as on-road costs). Additionally, please note that all prices, fees and charges are subject to change without notice, as are the specifications.



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