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Ford's new Falcon and Territory revealed (copyright image)

The upcoming Ford Falcon G6E (copyright image)

The upcoming Ford Territory

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28th July, 2014

The freshened Ford Falcon and Territory will arrive later this year with a more modern look.


The Melbourne-based Ford design team has taken the Territory to new levels with a bold grille and headlight execution that point to Ford’s global SUV styling.

The SUV features a distinctive, refined front-end treatment that combines a purposeful new look with the packaging, functionality and space that customers have come to expect from the Ford Territory.

As one of the country’s most popular SUVs, Mr. Nima Nourian, Exterior Design Manager said the new Territory had a lot to live up to.

“Our customers appreciate the functionality, seven-seat capability and fuel efficiency of the turbo-diesel but we also wanted to deliver a new level of visual appeal with the 2014 Territory,” he said.

“For 2014 the Territory gains a more robust, yet refined design and you won’t mistake it for anything else but a Territory,” he said. “Visually the surfacing is more architectural and achieves a very cohesive and sophisticated look.”

Ford Territory customers will be able to choose from the six-cylinder petrol engine as well as the V6 TDCi engine, which currently accounts for more than half of all Territory sales.

To the end of June 2014, Ford has sold more than 155,000 Territorys, excluding exports since 2004. The peak sales year for Territory was 2005 when 23,454 were sold. Ford currently exports Territorys to New Zealand and has in the past exported to Thailand and South Africa. (copyright image)
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The Falcon G6E provides a refined look that befits the prestige Falcon model, already seen in the XR models. The Falcon G6E also carries a globally identifiable ‘face’ of Ford, with the new trapezoidal grille that features detailed chrome surrounds, chiseled head lamps and discreet bright work.

Q4 release scheduled

Pricing, features and specifications of the new Falcon and Territory range will be revealed closer to launch. The Falcon sedan and ute range, and Ford Territory go on sale later this year.



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