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Australia's most fuel efficient car now even more so (copyright image)

Ford Fiesta Econetic (WS series shown)

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1st November, 2011

Australia's most fuel efficient car, the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic, is now even more fuel efficient courtesy of the latest refinements to its unique package of fuel-saving 'ECOnetic' technologies.

With a new combined fuel consumption rating of just 3.6 litres per 100 kilometres1 – an improvement of 2.7 per cent – the fuel efficiency of Fiesta ECOnetic continues to surpass all other vehicles currently on sale in Australia, including petrol/electric hybrid models.

It also produces fewer CO2 emissions than any other conventional, internal combustion engine vehicle, with a new official CO2 emission rating of 95 grammes per kilometre – an improvement of 3.1 per cent.

"Ford ECOnetic technology is a customer focused initiative bringing together a range of vehicle features and technologies specifically targeting better fuel economy, reduced emissions and overall lower cost-of-ownership – without compromise to great design or driving dynamics," Ford Australia President & CEO Bob Graziano said.

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To achieve its ultra-low CO2 emissions, the Fiesta ECOnetic has incorporated a range of simple modifications that include low rolling resistance tyres, improved aerodynamics and a modified engine calibration.

Crucially, the ECOnetic philosophy doesn't rely upon different fuels, expensive batteries or 'bolted on' technology. It's all thanks to the introduction of smart ideas and clever refinements, which together generate significant improvements in fuel consumption.

"Fiesta ECOnetic is another example of how Ford is looking at a portfolio of technology solutions to meet the sustainability challenge and how we are intent on delivering affordable and accessible vehicles to our customers," Graziano said.

"The improvements we've made to Fiesta ECOnetic are a part of Ford's continued investment in delivering sustainable innovations for Australian consumers, joining EcoLPi and EcoBoost in our comprehensive range of fuel efficient vehicles."

"Fiesta ECOnetic perfectly balances a stylish, affordable car that considers the environment and our future, without compromising the style or technology which has made the Fiesta one of the world’s most popular small cars."

"It brings together a whole range of clever thinking and technologies that are available right now, creating an environmentally conscious vehicle that delivers economy without compromise and genuine savings against the fuel cost of daily driving."

A revised gear set, with new 3rd, 4th and 5th gear ratios, heads the list of refinements to Fiesta ECOnetic, which have all been engineered to further optimise fuel efficiency.

Other key developments, specifically targeted at reducing powertrain frictional losses, include:

  • new Variable Flow Oil Pump (VFOP) – which matches pump flow to the specific needs of the engine (whereas the previous oil pump was directly linked to engine revs) thereby reducing the energy required to drive the oil pump
  • new asymmetric crank sprocket – which reduces the load applied in tensioning the drive belt, thereby reducing the overall load on the belt
  • new "bi-directional" crank sensor – which reduces engine start times by improving synchronisation between the camshaft and the crankshaft
  • a more accurate fuel temperature sensor – which enabled a reduction in injection tolerances
  • engine calibration re-tuning – revised calibration of the Powertrain Control Module (PCM)

Fiesta ECOnetic – new gear ratios:





5-speed manual (IB5/E)

5-speed manual (IB5/B)

Gear ratios

Final Drive





1 Figures obtained from controlled tests conducted to Australian Design Rule 81/02 and are provided to assist in comparing the fuel consumption of Fiesta with other vehicles. Note that actual fuel consumption will depend on many factors including driving habits, the prevailing conditions and the vehicles equipment, condition and use.


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