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2015 Ford Mustang GT convertible prototype

Ford Mustang RHD prototype made

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24th August, 2014

Mustang engineers recently completed the construction of the very first right-hand-drive sixth-generation Mustang. The prototype Mustang will be used to conduct various development tests in preparation for the carís entry into export market commencing in 2015.

While the United States is the largest market for Mustang - total global sales of more than 9.2 million sales since the carís debut in 1964 - more than 161,000 Mustangs have been sold outside of North America in that time. (copyright image)
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In 2012 alone, more than 4,000 Mustangs were sold in 35 countries outside of North America, ranging from the United Arab Emirates to Chile to the Philippines. Additionally, small volume imports of Mustangs into Australia has been a specialty of a few importers.

Fordís new Mustang goes on sale later this year in the U.S. and Canada. Next year will see the new Mustang begin an export programme that will eventually take in more than 100 markets.

The addition of a right-hand-drive Mustang to Fordís global line-up of vehicles will allow the Ďpony carí to be exported to more than 25 right-hand-drive markets around the world, including the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa.



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