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FPV Releases Limited Edition F6 Typhoon R-Spec



20th August, 2007

FPV F6 Typhoon R-Spec

Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) has released its new limited edition F6 Typhoon R-Spec, featuring FPV’s innovative R-Spec suspension and handling package.

The F6 R-Spec is the first of FPV’s six-cylinder models to feature the R-Spec suspension.

The stylish new addition to the FPV stable is identified with distinctive R-Spec badging and ‘Dark Argent’ gunmetal accents on the wheels and rear spoiler as standard. With production limited to just 300 units, the new F6 R-Spec will come with a unique build certificate of authenticity.

FPV General Manager Rod Barrett said that the positive response to the GT 40th Anniversary limited edition, which was the first FPV to feature the R-Spec handling package, led to FPV modifying R-Spec for its six-cylinder Typhoon.

“The initial idea behind R-Spec was to provide an FPV vehicle for those people who wanted to be more competitive at track days and club sprint events, but who didn’t want to compromise on the comfort of daily driving either,” said Barrett.

“The GT 40th Anniversary succeeded in fitting that brief and now for the first time our customers can enjoy the same superior level of suspension and handling on our award-winning Typhoon model.”

FPV F6 Typhoon R-Spec

Barrett said FPV has customised the R-Spec package to maximise the handling characteristics of the Typhoon, allowing drivers of the limited edition F6 R-Spec to extract the best possible performance out of their vehicle.

“The set-up on the F6 is different to our Boss 290 package to account for the different mass of the Typhoon. The most significant change has been to the front end damper tune.”

"Importantly, we have maintained an impressive level of ride comfort. The R-Spec package picks up more road irregularities, however, we have maintained the supple ride that has earned FPV cars an enviable ride and handling reputation."

The cabin of the F6 R-Spec includes FPV’s leather seats as standard, while FPV floor mats with ‘F6 R-spec’ logo inlay match the exterior touches.

An iPod®/MP3 audio player connection^ is also fitted as standard and integrates with the FPV audio system.

The F6 R-Spec is available in numerous colours, namely Winter White, Lightning Strike, Vixen, Neo, Ego and Silhouette.

The FPV F6 R-Spec limited edition will be available with either a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission.

The recommended retail price for the new R Spec is from $63,310*.

^ iPod®/MP3 device not included
iPod® is a trademark of Apple Computer Inc., registered in the United States and other countries
* Pricing excludes dealer delivery and statutory charges

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