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New FPV GS Sets Entry Level Performance Benchmark (copyright image) (copyright image)

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5th October, 2010

Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) today confirmed the launch of its exciting GS sedan and utility, as permanent additions to the niche manufacturer’s V8-engined range.

Impressively, the new 5.0 litre GS sedan and ute eclipse the performance of FPV’s previous range-topping 5.4 litre GT models!

The 'heart' of the GS is FPV’s all-new lightweight supercharged V8 engine, developed and hand-assembled locally, and which produces 315 kW of power and 545 Nm of torque.

FPV’s first-ever supercharged engine, the all-new 2010 V8 is a sophisticated all-aluminium design with double overhead cams and 32 valves configuration, and is fully EuroIV compliant.

The new GS sedan and ute have been added to FPV’s V8 range after the success of a similarly-named limited-edition model, introduced in late 2009 to test the market for a distinctive entry-level FPV model.

“Last year’s limited-edition GS simply reinforced what we suspected, that there is absolutely a market for an entry-level FPV model,” FPV General Manager Rod Barrett said.

“The GS provides our customers with a more affordable entry into the range. It broadens the market for potential FPV purchasers, and at the same time delivers tremendous value.”

“Perhaps the most exciting thing about our new GS is that while it matches the output of our previous Boss 5.4 litre V8, it actually smoothly out performs it in every way.”

“It’s faster and it’s more fuel efficient, but perhaps most importantly, the supercharged configuration provides a tremendous ‘drive’ … this is a fun car, and we think it’s going to be enormously successful for us.”

Picking-up the graphics of the limited-edition GS on the bottom of the doors, the 2010 version adds bonnet stripes and Boss 315 identification for a truly unique look.

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Retained too are the five-spoke alloy wheels, now in silver finish rather than graphite, and FPV branding has been increased via badging on the steering wheel, instrument cluster and key fob, plus a new-design build badge.

Eleven exterior colours are offered on the sedan, 10 on the ute, with three contrasting stripe colour options and a further three interior trim colours.

Automatic transmission is offered as a no-cost option.

Manufacturer’s list price* for the new FPV GS sedan is $56,990* and $51,990* for the ute.

NOTE: * Manufacturer's List Price (MLP) is the price for the vehicle only. A number of other components, including dealer delivery fees, stamp duty, registration, compulsory third party insurance and other statutory charges (often called on-road costs) are payable by a customer in relation to the purchase of a vehicle and are not included in the MLP. Additionally, prices are always subject to change without notice.


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