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FPV launches new GS sedan and ute

FPV GS - FG series (copyright image)

FPV GS sedan - 250 units available

FPV GS - FG series (copyright image)

Just like the old days ..... the GS logo from the Ford Falcon XW series is 'revived' for FPV's new model.

FPV GS - FG series (copyright image)

FPV GS utility - 75 units available

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2nd September, 2009

Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) has launched an exciting new model Series aimed at broadening its appeal to Australia's automotive enthusiasts.

Named in tribute to a fondly-remembered Ford from the late '60s and early '70s, the new GS sedan and GS Ute are unique limited-edition models offering buyers entry to the FPV family at a very competitive price point.

FPV's GS sedan and Ute are individually-spec'd to provide a combination of GT-based 302 kW V8 engine performance, FPV chassis enhancements, GS graphics and FPV driver comfort features.

Available in limited numbers, the new FPV GS Series models hark back to the original Falcon GS of 30 years ago, introduced with the XW-model of 1969 and now a prized collectible car.

"GS is another iconic badge in Ford's family history in this country," FPV General Manager Rod Barrett said.

"Our aim was to develop a model that provides the performance, prestige and individuality that is a signature of the FPV brand, with its own identifiable model personality, and all at a great price."

"We've achieved all of that and expect the new GS Series models will find their own place in Australian performance motoring folklore."

Developed specifically for the GS Series, the recalibrated FPV 5.4 litre V8 GT engine from the FG-model now produces 302 kW of power and 551 Nm of torque, driving through a standard six-speed manual transmission.

FPV's engineers have given the GS engine the twin throttle bodies and intake system of the GT engine, the GT headers and dual exhaust and a recalibrated ECU, all fine-tuned in an engine development programme specific to the GS.

"We aimed to provide the GS Series owner with a GT driving experience with this engine … at 302 kW it's the perfect entry to our range, which steps up to the turbocharged F6 at 310 kW and the full GT-spec V8 at 315 kW," Rod Barrett said.

Every FPV GS also comes standard with unique GS striping graphics, charcoal cloth interior, FPV GT instrumentation, gear knob, starter button and badging, premium sound system with iPod® and Bluetooth® integration, and dual zone climate control.

There's also '302' graphics on the GS sedan's rear spoiler.

The GS sedan also features 19" Graphite rims and a choice of six exterior colour/stripe combinations, while the GS Ute features 19" Alpine Silver rims, FPV soft tonneau and a choice of three exterior colour/stripe combinations.

Like its namesake from three decades ago, the new FPV GS offers a long list of options that include a FPV-spec 4-pot Brembo brake upgrade, a six-speed auto transmission recalibrated specifically for the GS' 302 kW engine, leather seats and sat-nav, and, on the Ute only, a hard tonneau with spoiler.

"We have also given the major design elements of the original GS logo a modern interpretation, which adds to the distinctive styling of the GS sedan and Ute," Barrett said.

The FPV GS sedan is priced at $54,950 MLP* and the Ute at $49,950 MLP*.

Production of the FPV GS is limited to 250 sedans and 75 Utes.

NOTE: *This is the manufacturer's list price for the vehicle only. A number of other components, including a dealer delivery fee, stamp duty, registration, compulsory third party (CTP) insurance and other statutory charges may be payable by a customer in relation to the purchase of this vehicle. As a manufacturer, Ford is not able to quantify the amount of these charges as they vary depending on a range of factors and individual circumstances, including the Ford Dealer the customer purchases the vehicle from, the State or Territory where that customer purchases the vehicle and the customer's age, driving record and other personal factors.

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® iPod is a registered trademark of Apple Computers Inc. and is used under licence.

® Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth Inc. and is used under licence.


Launched in July 1969 with the then-new XW Falcon range, the GS was an option pack available to dress up the base Falcon and higher-spec Futura models. It continued in the subsequent XY and XA models.

In its initial XW-model guise, the GS option pack added 'rally stripes' to the flanks of the bold new bodywork, chrome-finish full wheel covers, GT-spec instrumentation and three-spoke 'rim blow' sports steering wheel. Later GS packs included other options on the XY and XA models.

Many GS owners along the way also added further options to 'personalise' their cars like bucket seats, centre console, disc brakes, wider tyres, power steering and even the 302 ci Windsor V8 from the regularly available Ford options list.

Today, the GS is fondly remembered by enthusiasts for its mix of sporty good looks, its rarity and its value as an alternative, if fitted with a V8, to the Falcon GT. An old Falcon with the GS pack is worth nowhere near the value of a Falcon GT though (never has been, never will be! - Editor).


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