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23rd June, 2011

At the Buenos Aires Motor Show (Argentina), General Motors revealed the Colorado Rally with Chevrolet branding. This is the second show truck version of GM's next generation global mid-size utility truck. The debut of the adventure themed vehicle follows the reveal of the first Colorado show truck at the Bangkok Motor Show in April of this year. "Both trucks give a glimpse of the next generation Chevrolet global mid-size 'pick-up', which is of huge importance to consumers in many countries around the world. For example, in Brazil, costumers made Chevrolet's mid-size truck the vehicle segment leader for 16 consecutive years," said Brad Merkel, GM Global Vehicle Line Executive.

GM's heritage in durable and dependable utility trucks is exemplified in the Colorado Rally's sturdy and robust appearance. The show truck combines signature design elements with Chevrolet's on and off road capabilities.

“Colorado Rally exhibits Chevrolet’s DNA in an off road version. To develop this vehicle we did an extensive research on the off- road Motorsport. Each and every detail was deeply studied in order to deliver maximum authenticity, designed with the rally raid category in mind, also known as cross country rallying”, says Carlos Barba, GM South America Design Centre director.

Colorado Rally is a crew cab version with a tri-dimensional front grille featuring chromed details. Outfitted wildly, Colorado Rally’s body colour is a triple coat pearled White with golden particles, and other external components in textured charcoal. Skid plate and side mouldings in liquid metal and bead lock off road wheels milled from a single piece of aluminium. The wheels machined from a single piece of aluminium, with two distinct surface finishing (machined and polished), 18" inch diameter, and Mud-Terrain T/A 305/60R18 tyres to “attack” the off road’s obstacles.

Powered by an efficient 2.8 litre turbo-diesel engine, which generates high torque, Colorado Rally is meant to be perfect for the needs in off-road roads/tracks. Combining its high performance 'fox racing shox' shock system with 140 mm travel distance and adjustable suspension height system up to 50 mm, the concept truck has two bumper integrated winch systems by Smittybilt with 5.5Hp and four tonnes pulling capacity, with 23,000mm of aeronautic cable. Off road optimised bumpers designed with high attack angle stylised side steps and mouldings confirms the wild purpose.

For adventures at night, Colorado Rally has high performance frontal lights, with searchlight integrated to the side mirrors. LED, headlamps, tail  lamps, fog lamps, search lights, and roof mounted high reach lights. The side 'blinkers' are integrated to the exterior rear-view mirror shells.

Exterior details

In order to provide a real rally vehicle, the GM South America Design Studio added up to Colorado concept a wide variety of off-road features such as rally windows in acrylic for higher safety against side impacts with air inlets for better air circulation, two milled aluminium tow hooks integrated to each bumper, wide fibreglass guards, spare tyre support inside the bed and tool boxes integrated. Open tailgate to improve flux of air as well as optimise the rear view and reduce the weight, and many more details:

  • Integrated bed roll bar
  • Quick operation exposed aluminium fuel cap
  • Body integrated rear bumper
  • Full roof rack
  • Fibreglass bonnet with differentiated detail

Ergonomics, safety and functionality set the Interior’s theme

Designers focused on ergonomics, safety and functionality to make the Colorado Rally’s interior, such as the high performance steering wheel, designed for aggressive handling, with a tighter (than a production model) curvature in the upper and lower arcs. The upper arc has LEDs integrated to the bar designed as a quick display tachometer. The side grips have two buttons on each side facing the driver, they are; high beam toggle, menu display for the cluster to change the displayed information, "Air Boost" control, and speed limiter for urban sections of a race.

The interior colour trims, like the plastic components, leather covered upper instrument panel, are textured in "Very dark ash grey". The centre stack has some inserts in metallic satin finishing. All commands  are finished with soft touch materials and to make it more practical and sporty, the seat materials and the steering wheel cover are in black neoprene with orange stitching, and a high depth "Rashel" effect fabric in orange with black under colour. Metal mats in "very dark ash grey" with orange rubber inserts, roll cage and other metal details painted in silver and reflective orange details on the door reinforces the detailed interior design. The metallic mat is positioned a few millimetres from the floor, perforated with integrated rubber details designed to help clean the occupants’ footwear and provide a higher grip.

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In terms of safety and functionality, Colorado Rally has an internal roll cage with custom railing profile, developed to provide an attaching system to additional equipment, such as cameras or auxiliary lighting. The 5-point seat belt directly connected to the roll cage.

Vehicle integrated fire extinguisher activated through the IP, releases flame suppressing foam to the cabin and engine compartment, and plus two traditional fire extinguishing canisters positioned between the seats right behind the centre console. The master switch integrated to the centre stack, with two key functions, starting the engine, disconnects every system in the vehicle, in case of emergencies. For off-road chases before overtaking other competitors during a race, there’s the "Air boost" highly compressed air system developed to quickly clean the cabin after entering a dust cloud.

To be able to face high temperatures inside the cabin during the race, Colorado Rally has a Hydration pack, which consists of dedicated containers for feeding and hydrating positioned behind each seat, the food solution is delivered to the occupant's through a small tube system.

Other features are the first aid kit stored in the centre console and three dedicated tool boxes locked in the area behind the seats, being one for each occupant, containing the most used tools, and a third box in the centre dedicated to specialised tools for harder jobs.

To keep the racers in the right track the concept vehicle has a Sat Nat, satellite navigation positioned directly in front of the navigator. Maps, sign plates, and road books are stored into the glove box and also fixated through bungee cords on the outside of the glove box access door. Communication devices for internal and external contact, centre stack with gauges for temperature and pressure, as well as commands for adjustment of the suspension system, tyre pressure regulator, fire extinguisher activation, and two separate commands for the fuel pumps and a tripmeter display are also part of the high featured equipment.


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