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Holden Commodore Sandman Special Edition utility (copyright image)

Holden Commodore Sandman Special Edition Sportwagon (copyright image)

Holden Commodore Sandman sportwagon interior (copyright image)

1976 Holden Sandman (HJ series)

Holden Sandman returns

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29th March, 2015

  • Iconic Holden Sandman to be launched 4th April in Torquay, Victoria, in line with the Bells Beach Ripcurl Pro surf competition
  • To celebrate the launch, Holden interactive surf live site at Elephant Walk Reserve, Torquay will feature a live screen beaming out classic surf reels, music, car display and beach side games
  • New Holden Sandman available in Ute and Sportwagon – on sale in June

Eating up the road and shredding the surf, the Holden Sandman has become an Aussie icon in the 40 years since the original legend made its debut in 1974. Now it’s back, with a modern twist and nose for performance.

The 2015 Sandman Special Edition is derived from the VF Commodore SV6 and the sporty SS-V, and will be available as a ute and or Sportwagon. Whilst the Sandman is much more advanced than its predecessor it still retains the instantly recognisable surf livery and the groovy, orange shagpile floor rug as an additional accessory.

Holden’s Executive Director of Sales, Peter Keley, said the opportunity to revive the legendary Sandman was too exciting to resist.

“The Holden Sandman has been synonymous with the great Australian surf safari for decades and perfectly reflects our country’s laid back, yet adventurous attitude to life. When the opportunity came to revive Sandman, we jumped at it,” Mr Keley said.

“The reborn Sandman is a statement and reflection of the Australian way of life. Most importantly, it’s about having fun.”

Originally launched in a time when cassette players were all the rage, the Sandman personifies Australian culture with its unique styling and adventurous attitude.

Sandman will have its first public display on the sands of Torquay, giving beach goers and car lovers the chance to get up close and reminisce about days gone by … and days to come.

The Holden Sandman surf live site will take place on Saturday 4th April from 11am – 4pm at Elephant Walk Reserve, Torquay Esplanade, and will feature a live screen beaming out classic surf reels, chilled out tunes, sausage sizzle and beach side games. The Sandman live site is an interactive display that allows people to take a picture with the cars.

Holden’s Director of Communications, Sean Poppitt said the interactive live site is the perfect platform for a car that is sure to evoke old memories and make new ones.

“The interactive live site at Torquay is the perfect opportunity for people to come and see Sandman whilst enjoying the surfing, food and great atmosphere. The Sandman is the reincarnation of an icon, born from the most iconic car company in Australia,” said Mr Poppitt.

“Holden knows Australia and Australians better than any other company and the Sandman is a perfect reflection of the Aussie culture and attitude. I’m sure it will spark great memories for a lot of Australians and help create new memories for others. Let the good times roll again,”

Sandman History

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Accommodation in
Denmark, WA
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Sandman was originally launched on the HQ series Holden in 1974 as a panel van and ute in a bid to increase Holden’s presence and appeal in the expanding recreational market. What ensued was a car that captured the imagination of a generation, and continued to be offered on the HJ Holden (1974-76), HX Holden (1976-77) and HZ Holden (1977).

After over twenty years in the darkness, Sandman was finally revived as a concept car at the Sydney Motor Show, 2000.  Based on VU Commodore, this Sandman was a Holden built, Mambo designed project that won wide acclaim.

The Sandman will go on sale in June.

Price* and features

The 2015 Holden Sandman Special Edition, a $2,950* premium on SSV and SV6 models, includes:

SV6 and SSV Sportwagon

  • 20” gloss black wheels
  • Black mudguard vents
  • Black grille package
  • Black roof racks
  • Sandman decals
  • Sandman dashboard stitching
  • Sandman sunshades
  • Sandman floor mats
  • Unique Sandman build plate

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SV6 and SSV Ute

  • 20” gloss black wheels
  • Black mudguard vents
  • Black grille package
  • Black sports bar
  • Sandman decals
  • Sandman dashboard stitching
  • Sandman rear sunshade
  • Sandman foot mats

Optional Accessories

  • Orange rear shag pile cargo rug (Sportwagon)
  • Orange sheep skin seat inserts

Colours Available

  • Heron White
  • Nitrate Silver
  • Phantom Black


* Manufacturer's List Price (MLP) excludes dealer delivery fees and the numerous statutory charges (commonly known as on-road costs). Additionally, please note that all prices, fees and charges are subject to change without notice, as are the specifications.



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