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Honda Accord gains 5 star ANCAP rating (copyright image)

Honda Accord V6

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15th October, 2014

Previously rated at 4-stars for crash worthiness, the Honda Accord - a favourite with the Next Car team - has now been upgraded to a maximum 5-star rating by the ANCAP organisation.

ANCAP Chairman, Mr Lauchlan McIntosh said "As a result of ANCAP's independent testing, we have seen Honda improve the design of the Accord to raise its safety rating from 4 to 5 stars."

The current model Honda Accord when first tested by ANCAP in July 2013 revealed an elevated risk of injury to the lower legs of the driver in the frontal offset test, resulting in a 4 star ANCAP safety rating.

Subsequent design changes have improved its performance, with a second round of testing revealing a reduced injury risk. The frontal offset test score rose from 11.21 points (models built June 2013 to July 2014) to 14.79 points (models built from August 2014 onward) raising its rating to 5 stars. (copyright image)
Honda Accord VTi-L
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"This is a great example of a non-regulatory programme at work. While not required to improve its performance, Honda has reviewed the ANCAP test results and actively implemented changes to offer consumers a safer car."

"Now, not only does the Accord offer a long list of impressive safety assist technologies, including AEB on select models, it also offers improved occupant protection through a sound structure. The coupling of sound structure and active safety features is key to saving lives on our roads," added Mr McIntosh.


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