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Honda is expands its presence in China

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15th November, 2009

In response to the continued surging sales in the Chinese new vehicle market, Honda has announced immediate plans to expand its dealer network.

Honda Motor, Co. will add 80 dealers to city centres and coastal areas by the end of the year and another 20 more in the coming years. This is on top of the 680 dealers currently servicing the market.

Honda expects to deliver 16% more vehicles this calendar year, resulting in 550,000 units.

This increase in sales will allow Honda to boost its production of vehicles in China which is currently running at maximum capacity.

The increase in sales continues to be fueled by nationwide tax cuts and government subsidies as the Chinese government attempts to minimise the impact of the current challenging economic climate.

Vehicle sales in China are now to a point where it is expected to overtake the USA as the highest volume new car market in the world in the very near future.




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