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An F1 on the road? (copyright image)

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by Chris Goodsell   (from Road Ramblings)

7th November, 2010

Ever thought you'd like to drive an F1 car on the road?

At this year's Australian International Motor Show (Sydney) I viewed a car that takes you very close to that experience, a Hulme CanAm.

The car is named after New Zealand's ex-Formula One world champion Denny Hulme, honouring his great success in the American sports car CanAm series of the late 60s and early 70s.

The car, to say the least is impressive, if a little impractical. It's powered by a Chevrolet LS7 7-litre V8, pushing out 450 kw, and it weighs just 980 kg.

Performance figures have not been released but you could expect them to be dazzling.

The car is comfortable on the track or the road.

I spoke to Hulme Supercars Managing Director Jock Freemantle at the Australian International Motor Show (last month) and he was hopeful of Australian sales and possible Australian investors.

At this point, the car doesn't comply with Australian Design Rules. However, Jock assures me if he gets Australian buyers, they'll obtain Australian compliance certification.


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