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Hyundai Moves Up to Australia's No.4

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This Hyundai prepared chart reveals nine brands have gone backwards when compared to last year's sales. It also shows one brand has gained 'ground' on last year. No prize for guessing it was Hyundai which is showing growth in YTD sales.

The big surprise is Honda going backwards by a massive margin, nearly 26%.

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6th August, 2009

Hyundai continues to defy the tough conditions in July’s automotive market, posting strong increases in both sales and market share. July saw a total of 6,226 new Hyundai vehicles sold, HMCA’s best-ever result for the month, with a market share of 8.3% placing Hyundai in fourth position.

In a total market that has contracted by 15.3% (July YTD 2009 vs. July YTD 2008), Hyundai remains the only top ten brand to increase sales, posting its seventh consecutive month of year-on-year growth and an overall increase in sales of 28.3% YTD.

Other highlights include:

  • Hyundai’s result in July of 6,226 units (8.3% share) represents a 66% volume increase over its achievement of 3,759 units (4.5% share) in July 2008.
  • Hyundai’s YTD result for July YTD of 36,161 units (6.8% share) represents a 28% volume increase over its result of 28,176 units over the same period in 2008.
  • Hyundai moved up to third place in passenger car sales for July, capturing a 10.2% share for the month, up from 6.0% in July 2008.  
  • Getz ranked first in the light car segment in July achieving 2,147 vehicle sales and a 23.2% share of the Light segment.
  • iMax shuttle ranked second in the People Mover segment after posting its best ever sales result of 194 vehicles, a segment share of 20.3%.
  • iLoad van range ranked second in the Van segment after posting a sales result of 313 units, maintaining its second position in YTD sales and achieving its best ever monthly market share of 17.4%.
  • With 2,045 sales, i30 achieved its second consecutive month of more than 2,000 sales to claim fourth position in the Small car segment.

“The results for July consolidate Hyundai’s position as a dominant player on the Australian automotive landscape,” said Kevin McCann, Hyundai’s Director of Sales and Marketing.  “Our committed Hyundai dealer network is continuing to deliver exactly what today’s buyers want: award-winning products coupled with outstanding value. Our broadening buyer profile reflects the brands acceptance as a challenger to the leading manufacturers”


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