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Hyundai now #3 in Australia

Hyundai i30cw (copyright image)

With a market share of 8.8% in February
2010, Hyundai became the 3rd best selling
brand behind Toyota and Holden for the month.

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7th March, 2010

Hyundai has posted its best ever sales ranking since the brand started selling cars in Australia in 1986. The sales result of 7,208 units was also its best ever February result.

Hyundai’s market share of 8.8% represents the best ever monthly market share result and the second best monthly sales result since the factory established the wholly owned subsidiary Hyundai Motor Company Australia in 2003.

In a total market that has increased +17% (February YTD 2010 v. February YTD 2009), Hyundai Motor Company Australia has achieved an overall increase in sales of +73.6%.

The iLoad van posted its best ever sales result of 657 units and best ever market share of 33.7%, ranking first in the van segment for the first time.

“The team at Hyundai and the Hyundai Dealer network are excited that more Australians are considering Hyundai when they are looking for a new car,” said Damien Meredith, Hyundai’s Director of Sales. “The all-new ix35 compact SUV was launched last month and we have the i20 compact hatch and i45 mid-sized sedan launching before the middle of the year.”

Hyundai Motor Company’s global sales increased +23.4% (February YTD 2010 v. February YTD 2009). In South Korea, the all-new i45 mid-sized sedan sold 12,217 units, making it the best selling domestic model.

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Hyundai’s Australian highlights include:

  • Hyundai’s result in January of 7,208 units (8.8% share) represents a +73.6% volume increase over its achievement of 4,151 units (5.9% share) in February 2009.
  • iLoad ranked first in the van segment after posting its best ever sales result of 657 units and a 33.7% market share.
  • iMax ranked second in the people mover market, posting its best ever sales result (202 units) and market share (23.6%).
  • The i30 range ranked third in the small car segment, posting a sales result of 2,926 units and a 15.6% market share.
  • Getz ranked first in the light car segment achieving 1,927 vehicle sales and a 17% market share.

Hyundai’s global highlights include:

  • Hyundai’s South Korean domestic sales rose +9.2% to 48,981 units in February from 44,848 units a year earlier, aided by two all new models, ix35 compact SUV and the all-new i45 mid-sized sedan.
  • In South Korea last month the all-new i45 mid-sized sedan, which went on sale in September 2009, sold 12,217 units – making it South Korea’s best selling model.
  • Total overseas sales, including both exports from South Korea and sales from overseas plants, rose by +27.3% to 202,014 units in February, up from 158,630 units a year earlier.
  • Exports were up +3.9% in February as compared to a year earlier.
  • Sales from overseas plants rose 43.9% percent to 133,797 units, led by China and India.


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