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Hyundai's new Sonata partly revealed

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4th March, 2014

  • The all-new Sonata becomes more competitive through innovation in fundamentals, Human-Machine Interface (HMI), design and improved safety
  • Exterior rendering image hints at refined design of all-new Sonata

Hyundai Motor Company today revealed some details of the all-new Sonata ahead of the model’s world-premiere scheduled in Korea later this month. The all-new Sonata will debut in Australia in the second half of 2014.

“Since the first Sonata was introduced in 1985, Hyundai Motor’s symbolic mid-size sedan has contributed hugely to the company’s rapid growth and brand enhancement,” said Jeong Gil Park, head of the Hyundai Motor Group’s Engineering Design Division. “The all-new Sonata has evolved again, based on Hyundai Motor’s world-class technologies, and it will play an important role in further facilitating our shift from quantitative growth to qualitative growth.”

With accumulated global sales of almost 7 million units, the all-new Sonata is expected to set a new standard in its segment. The project began with the aim of developing a quality world-class mid-size sedan through innovation in fundamentals, while maintaining its heritage.

Hyundai Motor paid attention to achieving harmony by better integrating systems, providing value beyond customer expectations and offering a sense of quality in every detail.

The all-new Hyundai Sonata aims to deliver the best experiences and satisfaction within all aspects of the car. In particular, Hyundai Motor focused on improving the fundamentals of the car, namely, features related to performance and safety.

As one of the key drivers of Hyundai’s global sales, Hyundai Motor tested the all-new Sonata in various locations worldwide, including the famed Nurburgring in Germany and California’s Mojave Proving Ground in order to maximise product competitiveness and satisfy diverse needs in terms of quality and performance from each market.


The all-new Sonata is the second model to adopt ‘Fluidic Sculpture 2.0,’ completing a more refined look. The all-new Genesis, which made its global debut last November, was the first model based on the evolved design philosophy.

Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 retains its original spirit while being further defined by core characteristics such as simple and harmonious design with refined fluidic design elements, a modern Hyundai look with a singular hexagonal grille, easy-to-understand and pleasant design, and rich visuotactile colour, material and finishing of the car.

The design keyword of the all-new Sonata is ‘Inner Force.’ Inner Force points to the top notch perfection of the all-new Sonata, reborn with an evolved aesthetic force that stems from purpose and sophistication.

A single-frame, premium hexagonal grille, refined sidelines and high-tech, futuristic rear design work to provide an image of a dynamic, sophisticated premium mid-size sedan. And the dynamic line from the bonnet to boot bestows a sporty, confident image to the car while the longer wheelbase maximises its cabin space.

Its interior design aligns with the premium exterior, adopting consistent design details that fully reflect careful consideration of ergonomics and intuitive operation. The horizontally designed cabin gives off a stable feeling, and tailored design specifications for all materials and craftsmanship-level finish strengthen the Sonata’s quality image.

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Human Machine Interface (HMI)

The all-new Sonata was also designed to enhance Human Machine Interface (HMI) qualities, which lets drivers intuitively recognise the vehicle’s controls, allowing for more convenient and effective use of those functions.

Switches are grouped by their function, facilitating easier control. In order to minimise distraction, the display screen has been moved up, while indicators on the dashboard have been standardised for intuitive recognition. Also, icons on the display screen and dashboard are now consistent.

The feel and grip for every component that the driver touches has also been improved as well. Seat comfort has been maximised with a more ergonomic cushion design.


The all-new Sonata reinforces its safety in crash tests with an improved body structure and rigidity, while other advanced features also contribute to enhancing the vehicle’s overall safety.

By expanding on the application of Advanced-High Strength Steel (AHSS), which is twice as rigid yet 10 per cent lighter than regular steel, the all-new Sonata achieves upgraded safety and driving performance.

The all-new Sonata’s platform is now 51 per cent AHSS, while the previous model had only 21 per cent. In particular, most AHSS uses are for components designed to protect passengers, which works to achieve top-class safety in all aspects.

Furthermore, connection within the car frame has been strengthened by increasing the use of structure adhesive by more than 10 times than previous models and the addition of dual member structures in main parts of the body. Moreover, hot-stamping components are used three times more than for the previous model, and the hot-stamped double-section structure on the B-pillar hugely improves safety in crash tests.

Through these changes, the all-new Sonata’s torsional and bending stiffness has been increased more than 40 per cent compared to its predecessor. Internal tests suggest that the all-new Sonata will score “Good” at America's IIHS’s small overlap test.

The all-new Sonata has top-class safety by adopting a variety of advanced technologies including a 7-airbag system and new seatbelt technologies.


Australian-market all-new Sonata specifications and pricing will be announced closer to the vehicle’s local launch which will be in the second half of 2014.



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