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Infiniti confirm global goals

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27th May, 2012

At the opening of Infiniti's new global headquarters in Hong Kong, Nissan's luxury brand has confirmed it is aiming for worldwide sales of 500,000 units annually by 2016.

The relocation, almost 3,000 km from Nissan's Yokohama headquarters in Japan, heralds Infiniti's expansion plans with China foremost in its corporate mind.

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, in opening the new Infiniti headquarters, said Hong Kong is an ideal base for continued growth into the world's largest vehicle market, China. (copyright image)
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"Why? Because Hong Kong is the door to China," Ghosn said. "It's also a place where you can easily connect with the southeast of Asia, so that's why we said let's get out of Tokyo, let's go to Hong Kong, put the whole team together so we can reinforce the identity of the brand and the people working for the brand and be very near, and interacting with, the main promising market for Infiniti, which is China."

China, the brand's second largest market, will be home to a global expansion that includes Smyrna (USA) production of the JX crossover and, from 2014, European-built Infinitis in partnership with Magna Steyr in Graz (Austria).

"To pursue the 10 per cent market share for Infiniti, this means we're going to move from something around 150,000 cars sold last year to something around 500,000 within the next four to five years," Ghosn said. "In order to do that, it's very difficult to build all those cars in Japan."

Just as important for customers in Hong Kong, Infiniti's corporate arrival will shortly be followed by the brand's first dealership.

Donald M.T. Yip, CEO of Dah Chong Hong Holdings, whose firm sells Nissan cars in Hong Kong, says he expects great things from Infiniti as the brand goes head-to-head with global rivals.

"In Hong Kong, luxury car sales are almost 50 per cent of the car sales today," said Yip. "So when Infiniti comes to Hong Kong, I think it's a very good time and will probably give us some excitement in terms of sales. We can do that with the help of Infiniti."

Infiniti will arrive in Australia during August, with the release of the M and FX, whilst the G will be released in December. Three dealers are being established (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane) for the local introduction of Infiniti. Two additional dealerships (Perth and Adelaide) will open during 2013. Additional models will also be available as Infiniti expand its sales and dealership network. One such model is the premium compact car which is due in 2014.


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