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Out the door: 20,000 Isuzu D-Max in Australia (copyright image)

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18th September, 2012

One-tonne light commercial vehicle distributor Isuzu UTE Australia (IUA) (a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation - Japan’s largest investment and trading company) has sold its 20,000th D-MAX ute.

Commencing business at the height of the global financial crisis in October 2008, IUA made a modest impression on the market, opening with just 52 sales in their first month. With a reputable product on hand, the Isuzu D-MAX soon forged a place in the Australian market and the company has enjoyed an average annual growth of 33 per cent.

To accommodate this rapid growth, IUA’s dealer network increased from an original 39 dealers in 2008 to a network of 80 across the country today.

“This is a significant milestone in the history of Isuzu UTE Australia but it’s only the beginning,” said IUA’s managing director Mr Yasuhiro (Yasu) Takeuchi.

“We have made steady progress over the past few years and now, with the introduction of our all-new model we have set our sights higher and will be aiming to sell 10,000 units per annum in the very near future.”

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“Our growing dealer network also allows us to provide better after sales service to ensure our customers are always happy – and that’s positively reflected in our recent customer satisfaction survey,” Mr Takeuchi added.

In a fitting coincidence, the purchaser of Isuzu UTE’s 20,000th D-MAX was off-road accessory specialist ARB.

“Our ARB Moorebank store in Sydney purchased the D-MAX and it will be outfitted with a range of ARB accessories,” said ARB marketing manager Matthew Frost.

“We’ll use it as a demonstration vehicle to illustrate to customers how they can personalise their D-MAX to suit their various needs … the D-MAX is an outstanding vehicle for people wishing to travel into remote parts of Australia, and serves as the ideal platform for people wishing to build the ultimate off road tourer,” Mr Frost added.

ARB currently owns an earlier model Isuzu D-MAX which has been in high demand over the years, particularly at 4x4 shows and field days. They anticipate demand for the new model to be even higher, and have consequently purchased several of the new model D-MAX.


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