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Boom time for Jaguar in UK

Jaguar XF (copyright image)

Jaguar XF

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8th April, 2010

Jaguar's UK sales success has helped to boost the UK's luxury car sector throughout the first quarter with a year on year improvement for both XF and XK.

In the UK, 2,522 XFs were sold in March 2010 compared to 1,294 the previous year, up 94.6 per cent. XK sales improved by 36.3 per cent, with 383 cars sold compared with 281 last March. For the first quarter, 3,514 XFs were sold in the UK up 67.2 per cent from 2,102 sales in Q1 2009. XK sales improved 25.4 per cent with 509 cars sold compared to 406 in 2009.

Overall Jaguar performance in the UK is up 1.1 per cent, with total sales of 3,056 compared with 3,024 last March; all the more impressive considering the X-Type was discontinued at the end of 2009 and sales of the all-new new XJ aren't due to commence until May.

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Geoff Cousins, Managing Director, Jaguar UK said: "With more than 22,000 XFs now on the road in the UK, the growing popularity of the XF speaks for itself. The second half of 2009 saw consecutive sales growth for the XF and at the end of the year our order book was nearly full with customers wanting an XF. We have kept this momentum going in a challenging market during the first quarter with a very successful TV, print and web advertising campaign, and this has helped us nearly double our sales of XF in March."

Already critically acclaimed by the world's media and winner of more than 60 international awards, a number of enhancements announced for the XF diesel earlier this year has made the XF even more popular. The Diesel S model now features some of the unique sporting character of the high performance XFR.

Geoff Cousins added: "Our XK models continue to perform well and despite the poor weather at the start of the year, we have caught up and exceeded our expectations with both the coupe and convertible versions."

There are now 22,507 Jaguar XFs on UK roads with 8,885 sold in 2008, 10,108 in 2009 and 3,514 so far in 2010.


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