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Jaguar UK dealers obtain F-TYPE demonstrators (copyright image)

Coventry, 1961: Dealer hand-over event featuring 60 Jaguar E-types (copyright image)

Jaguar F-TYPEs ready for UK dealer collection in Coventry (copyright image)

Jaguar F-TYPEs ready for UK dealer collection in Coventry (copyright image)

Jaguar E-Type leads the pack out of the sports arena (copyright image)

Jaguar F-TYPEs 'demonstrators' on the way to UK dealers

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26th April, 2013

  • Jaguar UK dealers are first in the world to take delivery of F-TYPE demonstrators
  • 59 new F-TYPEs depart Ricoh arena in Coventry before reaching respective Jaguar UK dealerships
  • The 1.5-mile long F-TYPE procession circled the Coventry ring road before dissipating
  • Event reminiscent of “Drive Away” event conducted with the E-type in Coventry in 1961

The first Jaguar F-TYPE sports cars have arrived in UK dealerships having been presented to an enthusiastic dealer network following a ceremonial hand-over at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. The Jaguar UK dealers are the first in the world to take delivery of their F-TYPE demonstrators and to mark the occasion 59 of their vehicles were arranged in a giant “F” in the car park of the Coventry landmark before embarking on a 1.5-mile long procession around the Coventry ring road. The F-TYPE convoy was lead by a predecessor sports car, the final example of the iconic E-type ever manufactured.

The £4.7m procession comprised 60 cars. By the time the F-TYPE demonstrators reach their respective dealerships they will have amassed a total of 7,141 miles. The nearest dealer, Guy Salmon Jaguar, Coventry, had a mere 3.5 miles to travel, while Peter Vardy Jaguar, based in Aberdeen, had 440 miles to cover.

The event is not without precedent – in 1961 Jaguar staged a similar dealer delivery event at Browns Lane in Coventry, with 60 Jaguar E-type sports cars. Robin Sturgess, whose son Chris is now dealer principal at Sturgess Jaguar of Leicester, was present at the 1961 event and took his place in the Jaguar E-type at the head of today’s historic convoy. The grandson of Jaguar founder Sir William Lyons, Michael Quinn, was also in attendance on behalf of RA Creamer Jaguar, Kensington.

Jaguar global retail sales for Q1 2013 are 20,210, up 31%, while Jaguar Land Rover global retail sales for Q1 2013 are 115,504 up 17 % - a new record.

Jaguar F-TYPE Product Highlights:

  • Designed and engineered in Coventry, and built in nearby Castle Bromwich, Jaguar’s all-new two-seater sports car is one of the most highly-anticipated cars of the year.
  • The F-TYPE’s lightweight all-aluminium architecture, stunning design and finely-honed driving dynamics combine to ensure that the F-TYPE will definitely live up to customer expectations
  • The F-TYPE is an all-new, front-engined, rear-wheel drive convertible, engineered to deliver pure dynamic driving reward and stunning performance.
  • Visually, the F-TYPE's exterior demonstrates a new sports car design language for Jaguar, with cleaner lines delivered through the discreet use of technology such as deployable spoiler and door handles
  • The F-TYPE's interior features a driver-focused philosophy, with engaging controls encased in dramatic architecture.
  • Three models will be available - F-TYPE, F-TYPE S and the F-TYPE V8 S - powered respectively by Jaguar's new 3.0-litre V6 supercharged petrol engine in 340PS and 380PS outputs and its 5.0-litre V8 supercharged petrol producing 495PS.
  • The range-topping F-TYPE V8S will reach 60mph in 4.2 seconds and has a top speed of 186mph. The 380PS V6 F-TYPE S will reach 60mph in 4.8 seconds and 171mph, the equivalent figures for the F-TYPE are 5.1 seconds and 161mph

The Jaguar F-TYPE will be released throughout Australia later in the year.



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