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Jaguar announce F-TYPE prices for full MY16 line-up (copyright image) (copyright image)

Jaguar F-TYPE (MY16)

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9th February, 2015

Jaguar Australia has announced that the 16MY F-TYPE manual coupe will have a recommended manufacturer's list price* starting from $119,470* (excluding all on road costs) when it arrives in July 2015.

The F-TYPE, Jaguar’s all-aluminium sports car, will later in 2015 set new standards for dynamics and driver involvement with the addition of intelligent all-wheel drive (AWD) and six-speed manual transmission options, and Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) standard across the range.

The fundamentals remain true to Jaguar’s core DNA of lightweight construction, refined power, perfect proportions and outstanding design – but now the F-TYPE Coupé and Convertible models deliver an even more rewarding, intuitive drive across a broader range now spanning 12 derivatives.


  • Switchable Active Sports Exhaust system is now standard equipment on all 16MY F-Type models
  • F-Type V6S & R models now include Reverse Park camera and Front Parking Aid as standard
  • Torque on demand all-wheel drive (AWD) extends the F-TYPE’s performance and dynamic capability on all road surfaces and in all conditions
  • In AWD form, the 404kW F-TYPE R Coupé will accelerate from 0-100km/h in 4.1 seconds
  • Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD) control strategy developed in-house to exploit maximum performance potential of AWD traction while retaining rear-wheel drive character
  • AWD F-TYPE models gain a unique bonnet design featuring a deeper ‘power bulge’ and distinctive new vents
  • Six-speed manual transmission option for rear-wheel drive supercharged V6 Coupe& Convertible and V6S Coupe models delivers the purest sports car driving experience
  • Jaguar’s 404kW supercharged V8 comes to the F-TYPE R Convertible – available in both rear- and all-wheel drive configurations
  • Electric Power Assisted Steering enables even greater precision and feel
  • Torque Vectoring by Braking improves agility and – standard on R derivatives – is now available on V6 models
  • Sport Design Packs for Coupé and Convertible models enhance exterior styling and enable greater personalisation
  • The new 2016 model year F-TYPE range goes on sale from April 2015 (manual versions from July 2015)

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MANUAL TRANSMISSION: Engaging, rewarding - sports car for purists

The Jaguar F-TYPE’s six-speed manual transmission has been designed to give enthusiasts the most rewarding driving experience possible. The combination of the free-revving supercharged V6, semi-dry sump gearbox and precise, perfectly weighted shifts deliver enjoyment on a completely new level.

Jaguar’s outstanding Quickshift transmission is still a benchmark for shift speed and refinement but for a select group of enthusiasts around the world, the purest driving experience comes from executing perfectly timed shifts using a manual gearbox.

To meet this demand, Jaguar’s engineers have integrated a highly efficient six-speed transmission into the F-TYPE’s lightweight aluminium body structure, matched exclusively to the rear-wheel drive 250kW and 280kW V6 powertrains.

“A manual transmission in a sports car is always the purist driver’s choice – and to meet their expectations the manual F-TYPE had to offer a completely engaging driving experience.”

“The short throw of the gear lever, the mechanical quality of the shift, pedal spacing ideally suited to heel-and-toe changes, the tune of the V6 supercharged engine itself – all have been subject to detailed scrutiny to ensure driving a manual F-TYPE is as fun as it is fast.” said Mike Cross, Chief Engineer, Vehicle Integrity, Jaguar.

ALL-WHEEL DRIVE: Rear-wheel drive feel, all-wheel drive traction

Torque on demand all-wheel drive and Intelligent Driveline Dynamics control maintain the F-TYPE’s handling balance while making the performance even more accessible – in all weathers.

Applying Jaguar Land Rover’s unrivalled expertise in all-wheel drive (AWD) technology to the F-TYPE makes it the most capable sports car the company has yet produced.

Building on the experience gained from the AWD XF and XJ, the AWD F-TYPE shares many of the driveline modules with the saloons but benefits from next generation control. And whereas the focus for the XF and XJ is on traction, the focus for the F-TYPE is on ultimate performance and dynamics – in all conditions.

The AWD system is offered in the 280kW V6 F-TYPE S Coupé and 404kW V8 R Coupé and Convertible, all equipped with the eight-speed Quickshift automatic transmission.

The underlying development philosophy for AWD was to maintain the inherent agility and precision of the F-TYPE’s rear-wheel drive character while delivering on the limit traction and handling benefits that torque on demand offers.

“What we require of our AWD system in F-TYPE is optimal traction in all weather conditions, but preserving the Jaguar DNA and sports car character – that means rear-drive feel and steering without any corruption. The key to this is Intelligent Driveline Dynamics – IDD.”

“IDD allows us to provide ‘torque on demand’ – only delivering torque to the front wheels when it’s required to enhance traction. That means we get great steering precision and the efficiency of a rear-drive car, but with additional traction via the front wheels precisely delivered to match the driver’s demand, the road surface and the driving situation.” said Russ Varney, Vehicle Programme Director, Sports Cars, Jaguar.

Under normal sub-limit driving conditions, 100 per cent of engine torque is sent to the rear axle. When required, the electromechanically-actuated coupling in the transfer case enables smooth transfer of torque to the front axle – the process is virtually transparent to the driver.

16MY Jaguar F-TYPE Line-up and prices*

F-TYPE Manual Coupe: $119,470*
F-TYPE Manual Convertible: $138,170*
F-TYPE Automatic Coupe: $124,470*
F-TYPE Automatic Convertible: $143,170*
F-TYPE S Manual Coupe: $151,770*
F-TYPE S Automatic Coupe: $156,770*
F-TYPE S Automatic Convertible: $175,470*
F-TYPE S AWD Automatic Coupe: $172,470*
F-TYPE R Automatic Coupe: $226,970*
F-TYPE R Automatic Convertible: $245,670*
F-TYPE R AWD Automatic Coupe: $242,670*
F-TYPE R AWD Automatic Convertible: $261,370*


* Manufacturer's List Price (MLP) excludes dealer delivery fees and the numerous statutory charges (commonly known as on-road costs). Additionally, please note that all prices, fees and charges are subject to change without notice, as are the specifications.



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