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Major Overhaul of Jayco Camper Trailers



23rd March, 2007

Jayco Camper Trailer

Jayco 2007 camper trailers have undergone a complete overhaul.

In Jayco's camper makeover, aluminium sheeting is replaced with white fiberglass.

Use of fiberglass and blue, grey and gold automotive graphics have reinvented the exterior of the camper trailer, placing it very much back into the same design mold as the rest of the Jayco fleet.

Other design firsts for 2007 Jayco camper trailers include using curved ABS automotive plastic for its front and back, with a protective pebble guard up front.

The Boltaflex material that forms the raised walls and extended bed-ends has also changed colour from brown to a restful, easy-on-the-eye blue, completing the major transformation of the entire camper range, also available in off-road configurations as Outback models.

Inside, designers also turned their attention to the décor, using new colours in the wood panelling and laminex and they have also introduced a new colour range for the hard-wearing, easy-to-clean and maintain fabric used in the cushions, seating and curtains.

There are seven different camper trailer variants, from the compact designed-for-a-couple Penguin, with no external bed extensions to larger Hawk, Eagle, Swan and Flamingo models. In between are the Finch and Dove, sleeping five people.

The height of conventional Jayco camper trailers remains at just 1.6 metres, which means that there is little wind drag behind conventional tow cars and almost none behind a 4WD.

Brushed aluminium appliance have been retained, including the four-burner stove - with one burner an electric hot plate - and new recessed stainless steel sink add to the new styling. The Dometic top controlled three-way RM 2330 fridge is a standard feature.

Outback range

The popularity of all-wheel-drive and 4WD vehicles and their use as tow vehicle has provided a major market for robust, ideal towing companions, like the Jayco Outback camper range. In recent years 50 per cent of all Jayco’s camper trailers have been built as Outback models.

Outbacks have added strength as the chassis uses 150 mm x 50 mm RHS members and 125 mm x 50 mm RHS is used in the “A” frame. Additional bracing is also included in the side frames.

Extra ground clearance is achieved with an under-slung axle. For a better ride over rough terrain ALKO Outback leaf springs and ALKO off-road electric brake magnets are used. Shock absorbers also come with guards to protect them from stone damage. The same applies to the water tank.

A full-height pebbleguard is available on most models and a checker plate finish offers additional protection to the sides and rear of the Outbacks that also have a bumper bar with spare wheel mounted.

The inclusion of a bumper bar and spare wheel increases the overall length by just 600 mm. The increased height is kept to only 250 mm despite the use of larger wheels and off road tyres that help provide extra ground.

Experienced Outback owners, while having great faith in their units, use common sense to tackle “rough stuff.” To go “rock hopping” they opt to use the camper trailer as a base station and go solo on day trips out from the base, rather than trying to go exploring with their camper trailer hooked up behind.

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