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Mobility solutions from Freedom and Kia

27th June, 2010 (copyright image)

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Freedom Motors Australia is giving disabled people greater freedom and confidence in their daily lives through their quality conversion of people movers and other vehicles for wheelchair access.

The company's latest addition is the Freedom Soul, based on the Kia Soul, a dynamic and exciting new vehicle launched in 2009 by Kia Motors Australia.

"Since Freedom Motors Australia was founded in 1997, we have prided ourselves on bringing the most innovative and reliable wheelchair transportation solutions to the market," said Garry Dale, national sales manager of Freedom Motors Australia.

"We know from personal experience how important it is for disabled people to be able to get around, maintaining their mobility and reducing their dependence on carers and other members of the community."

"With a move towards greater personal independence and more people across the community requiring disabled transport, it made sense to add a smaller vehicle to our list of conversions, that was less expensive to purchase and less expensive to run."

"As soon as Kia launched the Soul, we knew it was the right vehicle for us - a stylish, economical and easy to drive vehicle, but engineered to be easily converted for wheelchair access."

Garry Dale says the Freedom Soul is perfect for transporting a single disabled person with one or two other people and the company is already getting enquiries from around Australia about this new vehicle.

He says customers have the choice of buying their donor car from a dealer and asking Freedom Motors to convert it, or the company can purchase the vehicle directly and offer customers a total package.

"The Kia Soul and Grand Carnival vehicles are, in our opinion, the best vehicles for modification for disabled transport. They are reliable and well-engineered and the quality of materials and standard equipment is second to none. Owners of our modified vehicles rarely have any problems with either the vehicle itself or the wheelchair access modifications."

Since the first Grand Carnival conversion was completed in 2006, more than 100 of Australia's most popular people mover have been converted for disabled transport. Mr Dale is now eagerly awaiting delivery of the latest model Grand Carnival which has side and curtain airbags standard across the range and a rear-view mirror integrated reversing camera fitted standard in the SLi and Platinum models.

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"The Grand Carnival has proven to be extremely reliable and the ideal vehicle for a larger wheelchair conversion for private, community and taxi use. Its seating configuration is the most flexible and it has greater space in the rear compartment than its competitors, important when engineering a ramp for wheelchair access," said Mr Dale.

The company's Grand Carnival conversions use the original Kia suspension parts and fuel tank, ensuring that the vehicle remains as close to original specification as possible allowing Kia's industry leading 5-year unlimited kilometre warranty to cover all original parts not affected by the conversion.

"For our customers, the quality and reliability of the original Kia vehicles and our warranty for the modifications adds significantly to their peace of mind, especially given these vehicles are likely to be long term purchases," said Mr Dale.

Of the 200 vehicles modified each year by Freedom Australia Motors, over one third are Kia models.


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