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Kia Motors donates mobile clinic in Ethiopia

Kia's clinic for Ethiopia (copyright image)

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19th February, 2009

Kia Motors today announced the donation of a mobile clinic in Ethiopia, one of the world’s least developed countries, as a means to help improve maternal and infant health. According to current Ethiopian health data, pregnancy related problems account for 13.8% of in-patient mortality among women of child bearing age.

The philanthropic donation is part of Kia Motors’ “Moving the World Together” CSR initiative. The specialised and equipped mobile clinic is fully funded by Kia Motors.

Mr. Hyoung-Keun Lee, Senior Executive Vice President & COO of the International Business Division, said, “This is a meaningful and important project for Kia Motors. Ethiopia has a high infant and maternal mortality rate and we believe that this mobile clinic will provide necessary medical care to those in hard-to-reach areas of the country.”

The Kia mobile clinic is constructed to provide prenatal care, postpartum care, gynecological examinations and child immunisations. The inside of the clinic is divided into a delivery and gynecological examination room, an ultrasound/ECG and vaccination room, and a patient consultation room. Equipped with everything from an incubator to a fetal heart monitor to infant delivery instruments, this mobile clinic ensures proper care for both mothers and infants.


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Kia Motors’ “Moving the World Together” CSR initiative is comprised of four programmes themed around the facilitation of mobility and, thereby, improving society: Easy Move; Safe Move; Green Move; and Happy Move. Easy Move focuses on providing vehicles for the physically challenged; Safe Move provides vehicles that ensure safer mobility; Green Move supplies vehicles that encourage environmental sustainability; and finally, Happy Move supplies vehicles that enable community service through volunteering. The mobile clinic is specifically part of Kia’s Safe Move platform.

Ethiopia’s Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) is estimated at 871 per 100,000 live births, while the infant mortality rate in 2008 was 90.24 per 1,000 live births.

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