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Kia Cerato (copyright image)

Kia Cerato

Kia Cerato sedan wins major award from
Automobile Journalists Association of Canada

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21st December, 2004

The Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) has recently crowned the 2005 Kia Cerato sedan as the Economy Car of the Year for 2005. The Cerato will now be considered for the overall AJAC Canadian Car of the Year.

The Cerato topped a tough field of competitors, defeating the Chevrolet Cobalt/Pontiac Pursuit, Hyundai Accent, Smart Fortwo CDI coupe and cabriolet.

The AJAC meets every year at Shannonville Motorsport Park near Belleville, Ontario, for a four-day automotive ‘TestFest’ based on real-world back-to-back testing to select the best new vehicles in various categories, as well as an overall Car of the Year and Truck of the Year.

“For Kia, winning the AJAC "Economy Car of the Year Award" will prove to consumers that Kia is a quality brand,” said Gordon Sadler, Public Relations and Brand Manager, Kia Canada Inc.


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“In the five short years in Canada, Kia has delivered on a promise to offer Canadian consumers a range of high quality, competitively priced vehicles that are equipped with an impressive array of standard equipment. This award will provide the consumer with third party validation to consider both Kia and the Cerato (Spectra) as Best in Class in a highly competitive market segment,” said Sadler.

This year's category winners represent the best among an excellent group of new cars and trucks for 2005. The results of the voting for the overall AJAC Canadian Car of the Year award will be released in February 2005.

The Canadian Car of the Year (CCOTY) Awards is an annual AJAC event that has a significant influence on Canadian consumers. Survey results of previous Car of the Year buyers determined almost 70% (69.6%) were influenced to purchase their car because it was chosen the "Canadian Car of the Year".

Through the first 11 months of 2004, a total of 87,120 units of the Cerato 4-door and 5-door have been exported globally.

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