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New Kia is a UK Soul sensation – 1,000 sold in 100 days

Kia Soul (copyright image)

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14th June, 2009

The Kia Soul has reached a major milestone in the UK as the 1,000th car was delivered to a customer on 8th June 2009, just 100 days after the unique Kia went on sale across the UK.

The car plays an important part in the development of Kia as a design led brand. The unique looks of Soul have found fans across all corners of the globe. In the US it leads its ‘cool-and-boxy’ car segment, selling almost 4,000 cars in three months.

Soul was designed by the Kia team in California and, under the guidance of Peter Schreyer, was fine tuned by the design teams in Seoul and Frankfurt to provide a truly global car.

The UK's 1,000th car, a Soul Shaker 1.6-litre CRDi, was delivered to its new owner at Wessex Kia in the West Country. The Vanilla Shake painted car runs on 18-inch alloy wheels and comes with a unique houndstooth interior trim and reversing camera with a small LCD screen hidden in the rear view mirror.

Most popular model in the Soul range is the Soul 2 making up almost 50 per cent of the sales mix split almost evenly between petrol and diesel – although the diesel is slightly favoured.

The favourite Soul Original from the range is the Vanilla wrapped Shaker CRDi, taking just over 16 per cent of Soul UK's sales.

Kia Motors (UK) Ltd. Managing Director, Paul Philpott, said: "Soul has been the success we hoped it would be and to hit 1,000 sales so soon in these difficult times is a credit to the quality and value of the car. The design is fresh and exciting and it is bringing new customers to our brand for the first time – it really is a Kia that turns heads."

In Australia, the new Kia Soul has impressed the Next Car team. Several road tests will appear in coming weeks. However, our first Kia Soul road test is showing right now, right here.


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