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by Chris Goodsell   (from Road Ramblings)

7th November, 2010

Recently, I had the privilege of sitting in the most expensive, most powerful and fastest car at the Australian International Motor Show at Darling Harbour (Sydney) - the awesome Koenigsegg.

This incredible car pumps out a whopping 640 kw and has top speed approaching 400 km/h. It will accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 2.6 seconds (that's quicker than a V8 super car).

In 2006, Koenigsegg introduced the CCX, a new model, that was created in order to meet worldwide regulations for road use. This meant the cars had to go through extensive development in order to reach the latest and most stringent safety and emission standards that the world's authorities demanded; Koenigsegg had to, for example, developed their own engines and other related technologies.

Furthermore, Koenigsegg is the only super car and low-volume manufacturer to pass the new European pedestrian impact tests.

You can get into a bit of strife driving the fastest production car in the world - it's reported that the Koenigsegg CCR holds the fastest speeding ticket in the United States, which was supposedly for 389 km/h in a 121 km/h zone. This allegedly occurred in May 2003 in west Texas on the San Francisco to Miami Gumball Rally.

Don't expect -to see many Koenigseggs cruising Australian roads. The price is a bit restrictive at $2.2 million! But what a car.


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