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Lancia Delta To Debut In Geneva



10th February, 2008

Lancia Delta

A new Lancia Delta will debut, next month, at the 78th Geneva Motor Show.

Delta is a historical name associated with a peak in Lancia’s motoring past but it is also a mathematical symbol that stands for change, difference and evolution.

From this viewpoint, the Lancia Delta is the first product of the new Lancia philosophy. It has an original, unique positioning, the combination of two values that are fundamental for the brand, elegant styling and a daring, innovative attitude, that inspires all aspects of its marketing and communications activities.

The first totally new car in Lancia’s second century makes its appearance, with an unparalleled design that upholds the brand’s vocation for innovation.

A first evolutionary “delta” is Lancia’s ability to reconcile its traditional elegance with original architectural solutions which harmoniously blend the assertiveness of a sports car with the onboard well-being of a saloon for the first time.

Designed by the Lancia Style Centre, the new Delta carries forward the tradition of Lancia models of the past – the Aprilia, the Appia, the Fulvia, the Beta, the Prisma, the Dedra and the Lybra – into the future, and takes its place firmly in the medium saloon segment. The Delta is 4.5 metres long, 1.8 metres wide and 1.5 metres high, measurements that combine with a wheelbase of 2.7 metres to offer an extraordinary amount of roominess for this category.

1979-1982 Lancia Delta

2008 Lancia Delta (above and below)
1979-1982 Lancia Delta (opposite)

The new Delta's interior is quiet and full of light, furnished with luxury materials and harmonious colours, and provides travelling comfort. The sound-absorbing headlining keeps noise to a minimum and luminosity is provided by the extensive glazing of the side windows and the GranLuce sunroof, when it is fitted.

A sliding rear seat with reclining squab turns the passenger compartment into an enjoyable living-room. And this solution also makes the large luggage compartment even more versatile, modular and capacious.

The new Lancia Delta offers a high level of technology in terms of entertainment, thanks to collaboration with leading partners in each sector, exemplified by a Bose Hi-Fi radio incorporating a CD player and MP3 file reader with steering-wheel mounted controls, the Blue&Me® system developed with Microsoft, also available in a NAV version, and a brand new satellite navigation system developed with Magneti Marelli.

The Lancia Delta also expresses itself where engines and engineering are concerned.

This attitude comes from fitting a range of turbo engines, both petrol and diesel, with power deliveries extending from 120 bhp up to 200 bhp, and a choice of 6-speed transmissions – manual, robotised and automatic. Engine performance is backed up by tried and tested engineering that guarantees comfort and handling thanks to the adoption of an advanced ESC (Electronic Stability Control) system and technical features that are unique in this category, such as SDC suspension (with electronic damping control), which makes the car enjoyable to drive.

Lancia Delta

Elegance is conveyed by the lines and materials, but also by the car’s relationship with the outside world. Where the environment is concerned, the Lancia Delta’s diesel engines anticipate the limits of the future Euro 5 standards, a feature that certainly represents another “delta”.

With such features and the international development work underway to support the launch, which will take place in mid 2008, the Delta marks a turning point in Lancia's history, and will make a significant contribution to the implementation of the strategic plan.

Lancia has not been a player in the Australian market for some decades. However, the Fiat owned brand is dreaming of making a come back in right-hand drive markets. Hence, planning for a re-introduction to the Australian market is underway. The new Delta is the centrepiece of Lancia's plans.

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