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Land Rover expand Defender line-up

Land Rover Defender 110 HCPU (copyright image)

Land Rover Defender 110 HCPU (above)

Land Rover Defender 130 Crew HCPU (copyright image)

Land Rover Defender 130 Crew HCPU (above)

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15th July, 2009

An expanded Defender model range will hit Australian shores this month, with a number of new derivatives that cater for both lifestyle and commercial buyers. The 09MY Defender model line-up now includes five 110 wheelbase and three 130 wheelbase variants, offering features that apply to off-road users or heavy duty payload seekers.

With the new expanded Defender range Land Rover now presents users with a strong and highly differentiated alternative for the heavy duty 4WD utility sector: permanent 4WD, two wheelbase offerings, efficient 2.4 litre common rail engine, six speed manual transmission and use of alloy body panels.

Defender dates back to 1948 when the Land Rover Series 1 was launched. In the sixty years since its launch, Defender has developed an iconic profile and has become the authentic vehicle of choice for extreme conditions. Almost 1.9 million units have been sold to retail customers, utility service providers, armed forces and NGOs in over 100 countries.

Defender customers worldwide value its legendary strength, robustness and performance alongside its class-leading blend of towing and load-carrying versatility. It's the unique combination of these attributes that accounts for Defender's exceptionally high levels of customer loyalty.

Land Rover Australia's General Manager Roger Jory commented, "Land Rover is immensely proud of Defender's reputation for off-road supremacy and dependability, it will get you there and back, regardless of climate or terrain. Now with this extended range, Defender offers even more specialised variants to better suit the off-road and load carrying requirements of our customers."

110 Station Wagon 09MY Existing Model

Pricing and specifications for the 110 Station Wagon remain the same. The 110 Station wagon is still available with a 7 seat option.

110 Crew Cab Utility 09MY New Model

The 110 Crew Cab utility has similar specifications to the 110 Station Wagon with air conditioning, Boost alloy wheels, locking wheel nuts and power front windows. The vehicle will be fitted with a Brunell Grille and headlamp surrounds with clear indicator lamps. Metallic Paint option will body colour the roof and wheel arches. The rear canopy and hood bows are also supplied as Standard.

110 Hard Top 09MY New Model

The 110 hard top is based off the Station Wagon body and is designed to carry bulky loads. The vehicle comes with a single CD player, air conditioning and power front windows. It has a black grille and headlamp surrounds and orange indicator lamps. The rear body also has sliding rear windows. The white roof and black wheel arches are standard on the Hard Top (Body coloured roof and wheel arches are not available). The suspension is the standard 110 coil sprung live beam axles with a GVM of 3,050 kg. Options include either the Boost Pack or Heavy Duty Suspension Pack which increases the GVM to 3,500 kgs. (See Option Packs)

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110 Single Cab Chassis 09MY New Model

The 110 single cab chassis has the same base specification as the 110 Hard Top. The Heavy Duty Pack or Boost Pack are also available on this vehicle. The Payload is dependant on what tray is fitted to the vehicle. However, the GVM will be 3,050 kg standard, or 3,500 kg with the heavy duty pack. (Tray does not come with vehicle)

110 Single Cab HCPU (High Capacity Pick-Up) 09MY New Model

Once again the specification of the 110 Single Cab HCPU is equivalent to the Hard Top, with the option of fitting the Heavy Duty Pack or the Boost Pack. This vehicle is also supplied with a canopy and hood bows which will conceal any goods being carried.

130 Crew Cab Chassis 09MY Existing Model

This vehicle is specified the same as the current vehicle supplied and pricing remains the same. (Tray does not come with vehicle)

130 Single Cab Chassis 09MY New Model

This vehicle has the same specifications as the current 130 Crew Cab Chassis fitted standard with the Heavy Duty Suspension package the vehicle can cater for an extra long tray and carry approximately 1,500 kg with a GVM of 3,500 kg dependant on body supplied. (Tray does not come with vehicle)

130 Crew Cab HCPU (High Capacity Pick Up) New Model

This vehicle is the same specification as the 130 Crew Cab Chassis and is fitted with a well side body that comes standard with the canopy and hood bows as pictured.

Boost Pack and Heavy Duty Suspension Pack

Available on the 110 Hard Top, Single Cab Chassis and Single Cab HCPU are two Option Packs. (Please note vehicles can only be fitted with Boost Pack or Heavy Duty Pack not both)

Boost Pack: The boost pack improves the exterior look of the vehicle, as well as adding the safety of ABS brakes and the incredible off-road ability provided by 4 wheel Traction Control.

  • Boost Alloy Wheels
  • Locking Wheel Nuts
  • Anti-lock Braking System
  • Electronic Traction Control

Heavy Duty Pack: The heavy duty pack has been designed for users that require a serious payload. This pack increases the GVM of the vehicle by 450 kg.

  • Heavy Duty Suspension
  • Michelin XZL 750 R16 Heavy Duty Wheels & Tyres
  • GVM Increase of 450 kg from 3,050 kg to 3,500 kg
  • Significant Chassis Reinforcements


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