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Lexus Increases Hybrid Battery Warranty

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29th June, 2009

Lexus Australia has announced it will increase all Lexus HV (hybrid) battery warranties to eight years or 160,000 kilometres, whichever occurs sooner.

The announcement will extend the existing five year or 100, 000 kilometre Lexus HV (hybrid) battery warranty by three years or 60,000 kilometres, and will cover all Lexus hybrids sold from today and will retrospectively apply to all Lexus Hybrid vehicles sold by Lexus Australia since their introduction in 2006.

This means that the 2,300 Lexus hybrids sold since 2006 will be covered by the boost to the HV (hybrid) battery warranty.

The announcement coincides with the launch of the all-new RX 450h hybrid SUV, which arrives in Lexus dealers on 13th July.

Lexus Australia chief executive John Roca said that the announcement cements Lexus' confidence in Lexus hybrid technology.

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"We have every confidence in hybrid technology, and to demonstrate this Lexus will be offering this extended HV (Hybrid) battery warranty on all Lexus hybrid vehicles sold."

"In fact, our confidence in Lexus' hybrid drive means we will also apply the warranty extension retrospectively to all 2,300 Lexus hybrid vehicles sold since 2006."

"Since the introduction of hybrid technology to the Lexus range we've not replaced one battery."

"In fact, it's well past being called a 'technology' as Lexus hybrid drive is a viable, powerful and economical drivetrain alternative."

"Owners of Hybrid vehicles will have the warranty extension activated by their Lexus Dealer at the next service and will have their service books updated to reflect this," said Mr Roca.

All Lexus hybrid vehicles will now feature an eight year or 160,000 km HV (hybrid) battery warranty - replacing the existing five year or 100,000km HV (hybrid) battery warranty.

The eight year HV (hybrid) battery warranty will apply to all Lexus hybrids including RX 400h, GS 450h, LS 600hL and all-new RX 450h, from the date of delivery.


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