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Lexus CT 200h bound for Australia

Lexus CT 200h (copyright image)

Lexus CT 200h (copyright image)

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29th April, 2010

Lexus Australia has confirmed the all-new CT 200h hybrid hatchback for launch into the Australian market.

Due on sale in the first half of 2011, the CT 200h will become the fourth hybrid Lexus model available in Australia.

Lexus chief executive Tony Cramb said that the CT 200h would redefine the luxury hatch segment.

"The traditional definition of luxury vehicles is changing," he said. "Today consumers are looking for efficient vehicles that do not compromise on driving experience and features. Lexus' range of hybrid vehicles and the CT 200h are the vehicles for them," Mr Cramb said.

"When you take into account CT 200h's hybrid drive train and its list of advanced features, it's clear to see why CT 200h will become Australia's most advanced luxury hatchback. CT 200h will be Lexus' most significant vehicle since the introduction of the IS Line, bringing with it a whole new range of customers to the brand. The arrival of the CT 200h in 2011 only reinforces Lexus' commitment to hybrid vehicles and cements our real-world hybrid advantage in the luxury market," Mr Cramb said.

The Lexus CT 200h will be Australia's only full hybrid luxury hatchback, featuring a 1.8 litre petrol-electric hybrid drive train with high performance battery./p>

CT 200h has also been specifically developed with two drive modes that make best use of CT 200h's handling agility and efficiency.

Normal mode is for everyday motoring, ensuring a smooth linear throttle response, while Sport mode provides a more responsive throttle, and modifies the Electronic Power Steering (EPS) settings to give a faster response to driver inputs.

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The Lexus CT 200h will also feature EV (electric only) and Eco running modes to maximise efficiency and minimise emissions during driving.

Efficiency was also paramount in the Lexus CT 200h's design, with particular attention paid to the aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicle's design. The front and rear corners have been 'pulled in' tight to improve the flow of air down the sides of the vehicle and minimise wind turbulence within the wheel arches.

The sides of the cabin have been tapered, the rear edge of the roof lowered and even the lower body painstakingly detailed to optimise airflow.

Completing the look are unique 17-inch alloy wheels and blue badging specific to Lexus hybrid vehicles.

Pricing and specifications will be announced closer to the release date.


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