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Lexus IS 350 set to perform (copyright image)

Lexus IS 350

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25th May, 2010

Lexus' forthcoming IS 350 sedan will develop the highest specific output of any of its naturally aspirated six-cylinder rivals when it launches late this year.

The Lexus IS 350's powerful 3.5 V6 will develop 233 kW, attaining a specific output of 67.4kW per litre - the highest among its competitors and the highest of a petrol engine in the Lexus range.

IS 350 will also feature the greatest torque of any of its naturally aspirated rivals - with 378 Nm of torque available at 4,800 rpm.

Lexus Australia chief executive Tony Cramb said the new IS 350 will continue Lexus Australia's push into new market territories.

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"IS 350, along with CT 200h and other forthcoming product, will continue to grow Lexus' product range and appeal to consumers," he said.

"IS 350 is evidence of our moves to widen our product range and close up a few gaps that exist there, with IS 350 slotting nicely between IS 250 and our performance flagship IS F."

"We have no doubt that, with its new 3.5-litre engine and features, IS 350 will be a very popular vehicle," Mr Cramb said.

"We are just as excited about this car as our customers are."

The Lexus IS 350 will be launched in Australia during the final quarter of 2010, whilst the CT 200h is expected in Q1 2011.


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