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30th November, 2010

- Lexus launches upgraded RX range
- RX models adopt Advanced Pre-Collision Safety system*
- All RX models to feature USB audio control via Lexus Remote Touch**
- Revisions to interior trim

Lexus Australia has added its innovative Advanced Pre-Collision Safety system with pre-collision seatbelt and pre-collision brake assist functions to the top models of the RX SUV range*.

Lexus' previous Pre-Collision Safety system (PCS) prepared the vehicle for an imminent collision. The new Advanced Pre-Collision Safety System, however, also applies the vehicle's brakes if the driver fails to do so. The new PCS uses inbuilt wave-based radar to continuously monitor the road ahead for potential collision scenarios. If the PCS determines that a frontal collision is unavoidable, it will pretension seatbelts, prime the vehicle's brakes and provide an audible warning. In instances where the driver does not take action, the PCS then applies the vehicle's brakes to reduce vehicle speed and the level of damage/injury.

All Lexus RXs will also receive - in addition to this potentially life-saving technology - an upgraded audio and navigation system which will now offer full USB connectivity** (joining the existing audio jack capabilities), along with control via Lexus' unique Remote Touch Screen. USB capabilities allow iPod content to be displayed, browsed and selected via the inbuilt dash-mounted navigation screen.

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Lexus chief executive Tony Cramb said upgrades to RX solidified the range's leadership in innovation.

"RX has a solid foundation in innovation. It debuted Hybrid to the world, introduced Lexus Remote Touch, and now it adds the Advanced Pre-Collision Safety system to its suite of onboard technology," Mr Cramb said. "Furthermore, refinements to navigation systems and on-board entertainment systems for the RX range only make it easier and more enjoyable to drive."

All Lexus RX grades will also receive a 12V power outlet below the centre console.

The upgraded RX models are now available in Australia.


* Lexus' Advanced Pre-Collision Safety system will be available on Sport and Sport Luxury RX 350 and 450h models. Advanced Pre-Collision Safety system is not a substitute for safe driving practices or driver skill.
**USB input for some iPod/USB memory sticks


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