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Lexus SC 430 production concludes (copyright image)

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26th August, 2010

Lexus has ended production of the SC 430 after almost a decade. The SC 430 was Lexus' first two-door hard-top coupe-convertible. It paved the way for the evolution of Lexus' design philosophy which culminated in the L-finesse inspired vehicles of today.

The SC 430 is also the last Lexus vehicle to use the 4.3-litre V8 that powered the LS 430 and other Lexus models overseas. The 4.3-litre V8 also paved the way for the IS F performance sedan, with the first hand-built IS F prototypes featuring the engine.

The Lexus SC 430 will also go down in history as the vehicle of choice in the Japanese GT racing series and the winner of numerous Japanese GT titles.

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Lexus Australia chief executive Tony Cramb said the end of production for the SC 430 marks a transition point for Lexus.

"SC 430 has played a significant role in Lexus' history, paving the way for models such as IS 250C and IS F," he said.

"The end of production of SC 430 signals the start of a new era for Lexus - one defined by L-finesse design and innovation. Lexus is currently gearing up for the next decade when we will launch our first super car - the LFA - along with a host of new product including our first hatch, the CT 200h."

Lexus sold 690 SC 430 in Australia during the car's time on the market here.


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