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Taiwan's Luxgen signs first export contract

Luxgen 7 MPV (copyright image)

Luxgen 7 MPV

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4th May, 2010

  • Oman’s prominent MHD L.L.C. becomes Luxgen’s first international distribution partner
  • Luxgen becomes the first passenger automobile brand to achieve international exportation

A milestone has been reached by Taiwan’s automobile industry. Following its international debut in the 10th Dubai Motor Show, Taiwan’s first passenger automobile brand Luxgen has built-up a high level of global awareness with a number of agencies and distributors from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain expressing their interest in the cooperation opportunities with Luxgen. After a succession of negotiations and circumspect evaluations, Luxgen has signed its first international distributorship agreement with Oman’s MHD (Mohsin Haider Darwish) L.L.C., one of the largest and most successful privately owned business houses in the region to become the exclusive agency of Luxgen in the Sultanate of Oman.

Mr. David Aziz, Director of the Automotive Division of MHD L.L.C., attended the ceremony to extend his support and gratitude to the collaboration between the two local giants. Commenting on the completion of the first international distributorship establishment, Mr. K.C. Hu, CEO of Luxgen, said: “Beyond the record-breaking sales success in Taiwan, we have also achieved a breakthrough in the international market development as well. This distribution agreement for Oman is just the beginning of our global marketing strategy, more importantly, it will elevate Taiwan’s automobile industry to the level never before reached.”

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Two models from Luxgen, the Luxgen 7 MPV and the Luxgen 7 SUV, are scheduled to launch in the Q4 of 2010 in Oman. Luxgen 7 MPV, being the first model released by Luxgen, has had an astonishingly successful market launch in Taiwan by out-selling, for example, the entire Hyundai brand by itself.

Luxgen’s new distribution network in Oman will be managed by Mr. Mohsin Haider Darwish, the managing director of MHD L.L.C. For what begun as a family business, MHD has experienced various levels of commercial success and currently employs over 1,000 people. Its scope of business includes automobiles, tyres and batteries, office automation products, computers, telecommunications, engineering products, oil and gas products, electrical and electronics, building materials and gases and medical equipments including the manufacturer of industrial gases. The automotive division is one of the core pillars in MHD L.L.C. business scope, representing a portfolio of premium automotive brands including Land Rover, Jaguar and Volvo.

Luxgen is now targeting emerging markets around the world including the Middle East, China, Central America, Russia and South East Asia, and has signed the letter of intent (LOI) with a number of potential candidates in these areas, paving a path to establish successful business relationships in these regions. Moreover, negotiations for the Luxgen distributorship agreement in both Vietnam and Dominican Republic have both been smooth and close to being finalised.


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