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Maserati Quattroporte revision (copyright image)

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Maserati has refocused its Quattroporte range to make it more appealing to its traditional customer group by making the most aggressive, sporting equipment package standard on the range topping Quattroporte Sport GT S and opening up the Quattroporte to a wider group of customers by boosting the luxury credentials of the 4.2 litre V8 variant.

With 295 kW and 460 Nm of torque, the Quattroporte 4.2 delivers the performance expected of a Maserati, with 100 km/h reached in 5.6 seconds and a top speed of 270 km/h. But at the same time it is delivered with a choice of comfort and luxury or, at the press of the Sport button, with exhilaration of a sporting sedan.

This combination is made possible by the use of a six speed automatic gearbox developed specifically for this engine that can deliver performance or effortless gear changes. This is matched to the Maserati Skyhook suspension that is constantly adjustable, adapting to both road conditions and driver demands.

The automatic transmission of the Quattroporte, featuring a hydraulic torque converter, is the result of a collaboration between Maserati and ZF which enhances the V8ís progressive delivery at low-medium revs without limiting its power, allowing changes at engine speeds up to 7,200 rpm.

As well as the Normal driving mode, there are two additional automatic gear change modes, ICE and Sport, so the driver can choose the most suitable one according to the road conditions and his/her personal driving style.

Like the true sports sedan it is, the Quattroporte can also be driven manually using the gear lever on the central tunnel, or via the gearshift paddles behind the steering wheel. The sixth gear has been optimised to reduce fuel consumption and noise even further during motorway use at high speeds.

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Safe and easy to handle in any road conditions, the secret behind the balanced behaviour of the Quattroporte lies in its weight distribution, with slightly more weight on the rear axle (49% on the front and 51% on the rear). This configuration, obtained by placing the engine behind the front axle, maximises traction and acceleration.

The Quattroporte range features Poltrona Frau leather as standard. Poltrona Frau leather is renowned worldwide as an example of Italian craftsmanship; it is unique, because of the richness of the material used and the traditional techniques used.

After being meticulously selected, Poltrona Frau leathers undergo a process combining mechanical and manual techniques. The purpose is to obtain the best quality and a pleasant feel when touched. Subsequent treatments add softness, durability, strength and usability to its refined appearance. The leather is warm and inviting in winter, fresh and cool in summer, with the added advantage that its beauty is enhanced as it ages.

The Maserati Quattroporte 4.2 is also full featured and equipped as standard, be it the telematics system that brings together satellite navigation, communications and entertainment into one comprehensive and fully equipped system; or the safety systems that work to avoid accidents. (copyright image)
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Developed by Magneti Marelli, the Multi Media System is standard on the new Maserati Quattroporte: it features the Bose Surround Sound System and includes the following functions:

∑ On-board computer
∑ Radio AM-FM with Phase Diversity reception
∑ GPS navigation system with preloaded cartography on Hard Disc
∑ Audio CD and MP3 player
∑ Jukebox for MP3 music files, hard disc with 30 GB of storage capacity
∑ Voice commands
∑ Bluetooth connection for telephone
∑ USB/AUX-in port with USB reader function

Bose engineers have designed and produced the Bose Surround Sound System, for the Maserati Quattroporte, to match and blend in with the carís acoustics. The system features eleven speakers with integrated 4 x 25 Watt RMS equaliser and a digital audio system, for music reproduction with a greater fidelity than many analogue systems. The system allows for the use of exclusive Bose technologies such as AudioPilot†(to offset background noise) and active electronic equalisation.

The Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S and now the MC Sportline version has been the range topping variant of Maseratiís salon and, since its launch, has been consistently the best selling variant of the Quattroporte. Top speed is 285 km/h and the 0-100 km/h time is 5.1 seconds. But these figures are only part of the story of how Maserati has produced a luxury saloon that has the driving abilities of a super car.

With the MC Sportline package, this model is now focused on performance with it replacing all the wood trim in the standard car with carbon fibre, across the dashboard, the front and rear centre consoles, sections of the door panels, the gear knob and around the switchgear. Additionally it is used around the instrument pack and on the longer Trofeo gearchange paddles. Each of the door sills is fitted with carbon fibre trim panels embossed with the MC Sportline logo and the MC logo is stamped into the aluminium brake pedal.

Maserati revised the mapping of the V8 4.7 litre engine, with power increased to 323 kW at 7,000 rpm. In Sport mode valves open in the exhaust system to reduce back-pressure increasing maximum available power. These valves not only release more power Ė they also enable the Maserati V8 to provide a throaty roar at low engine speeds and full symphonic sound of a genuine sports car at higher rpm.

The launch of the Quattroporte Sport GT S MC Sportline debuted MC-Auto Shift, the closest an automatic transmission has come to offering instant response of sequential manual, yet maintain seamless smooth gearshifts when a neck-snapping response is not required. This has been achieved via a thorough redesign of the transmission operating software and providing the driver with features not available on other Quattroporte variants.

In "MANUAL MODE" the driver controls gear shifts directly, and changes are permitted up to the redline on the rev-counter. For the most enjoyable, highest-performance driving experience, an electronic gear shift indicator in the middle of the dashboard tells the driver when it is the ideal timing of the gear change; this system, which enhances the pleasure and satisfaction of the driving experience when putting the car through its paces, is complemented by ďTrofeoĒ style extra-long paddles behind the steering-wheel, ergonomically shaped for easier gear changes on the most demanding roads.

In "AUTO SPORT" mode, the gear shift control software activates the MC Start Strategy function. This particular function allows controlled starts enabling the car to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.1 seconds, instead of 5.3 seconds.

"MANUAL SPORT" and "AUTO SPORT" modes both provide electronic heel and toeing during down-shifts; this, combined with the Quattroporte Sport GT Sís other characteristics, make this saloon car capable of unprecedented driver involvement in its unique performance.

The Quattroporte Sport GT S MC Sportline is fitted with the single-setting racing-style suspension system featuring single-rate dampers, stiffer springs and lower ride height that has been developed to further enhance the car's handling and it makes its steering extremely sensitive and responsive.

The additional stiffening of the suspension by 30 per cent at the front and 10 per cent at the rear, together with a reduction in ground clearance of 10 mm on the front and 25 mm on the rear axle respectively, provides a substantial reduction in load transfers and more effective traction control during direction changes.

The Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S MC Sportlineís weight distribution has a slight bias towards the rear end (49% front and 51% rear). This split transforms the luxury saloon into a car where performance is favoured and rewards the driver with its handling.

The new Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S MC Sportline comes with a high performance braking system developed by Brembo. The 360 mm brake discs benefit from dual-cast technology: cast iron for the braking surface and an aluminium hub. This set up takes advantage of the consistent performance of cast iron at high temperatures and from the lightweight aluminium.

The six-piston callipers, of different diameters, are in a single aluminium block.

The system is completed by the ABS, that stops the wheels locking under braking, and EBD, that distributes the braking force between the front and the rear axles; both systems are integrated into the Maserati Stability Programme (MSP). This solution offers excellent performance both in terms of stopping distance and resistance to brake fade, even under intense use.

Subtle changes have also been made to the appearance of the Quattroporte for its new performance range-topping position as the Sport GT S MC Sportline.

The deeper set grille is fitted to the front bumper, and is framed by the new fog lights and air intakes that have been enlarged to cope with the more powerful engine. The combination of the redesigned bumper and the new grille bestow the front end of the car with an immediate aggressive visual impact.

The front light cluster has also been redesigned and features a titanium finish. This underlines the more aggressive Quattroporte Sport GT S MC Sportline, a feeling reinforced by its xenon headlights and LED indicators.

Turning to the bodywork, the new sweeping exterior mirrors are more aerodynamic. The shape of the body below the doors lends the new model a more purposeful look. In profile, the carís lowered stance is easily appreciated: 10 mm at the front and 25 mm at the rear.

These few millimetres make all the difference. The car appears poised as if on the starting blocks, ready for action with its racier set-up perfectly complementing the 323 kW power unit. This car exudes speed even when it is stationary.

The Quattroporte Sport GT S MC Sportline comes with two new types of 20" rims: Multi Trident rims in light aluminium alloy as an option and seven-spoke light alloy rims that have undergone the 'Dark Chrome' treatment.

The top performance model in the Maserati Quattroporte range clearly proclaims its 'character' through the style of its interior, its intelligent use of materials and equipment.

The seats, which are state of the art in terms of ergonomics and comfort, have a stylised M for Maserati on the backs and the interior finishes on this version are a celebration of technology and craftsmanship with the combination of traditional handcrafted leather with the technology of carbon fibre.

The steering paddles, integral with the steering column, have a decorative chromed finish that gives their edges definition: they are also longer in shape, to ensure a good grip even when the steering wheel is on a tight lock. In the MC Sportline these are replaced by carbon fibre units. The interior finishes are completed by the exclusive addition of the name of the model in relief on the dashboard.

The optional aluminium pedals, which are standard on the MC-Sportline, are specially designed for racing-style driving, they provide outstanding grip when the brake and accelerator are depressed and released in quick succession, complete the interior.

Manufacturer's List Price* (MLP*)


4.2 litre 295 kW V8

Six speed automatic


Quattroporte Sport GT S MC Sportline

4.7 litre 323 kW V8

Six speed automatic


NOTE: * Manufacturer's List Price (MLP) excludes dealer delivery fees and the numerous statutory charges (commonly known as on-road costs). Additionally, please note that all prices, fees and charges are subject to change without notice, as are the specifications.


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