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Cheap vans from China - Part 2: Maxus (copyright image)

Maxus vans ..... more cheapies on the way!

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by Stephen Walker

19th March, 2012

WMC, a Sydney-based commercial vehicle importer, is planning on releasing a range of Maxus vans in Australia.

Although Chinese automotive products are cheap in comparison to their competitors, they have proved to be cheap and nasty when it comes to occupant safety. Sadly, Chinese vehicles have a very sad history with crash testing.

But this isn't slowing WMC who are keen to get more Chinese products on Australian roads.

The Maxus V80 vans are based on a front-wheel drive platform developed in Britain by Leyland. They are powered by common rail turbo-diesel power plants sourced from VM Motori of Italy.

Maxus is a Shanghai Automotive Industry Company (SAIC) brand. SAIC is a giant-sized Chinese vehicle manufacturer. MG and Roewe are amongst their brands.

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WMC will release a range of seven models of the Maxus V80 vans in the final quarter of 2012. There will be three cargo versions and four passenger models.

The line-up will include a short wheelbase and long wheelbase cargo van both with standard roof height as well as a high roof version of the long wheelbase model. The range will feature load capacity of between nine and 14 cubic metres and a payload of up to 1.8 tonnes.

The 2.5 litre VM diesel in the Maxus range boasts 100 kW of power and 330 Nm of torque.

The four passenger van variants will include the 11-passenger short wheelbase with standard roof as well as a 15-passenger long wheelbase variant in either standard roof or high roof configuration and an 11-passenger long wheelbase higher-grade model.

WMC claim Maxus vans meet European crash and safety standards. However, I could find no evidence that any Maxus vans have ever been tested by the respected EuroNCAP organisation.

Further details of the Maxus range and specification will be revealed closer to the launch date but Next Car is not expecting any stability control system to be included on any of the vans.


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