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Mazda Receives Ichimura Industrial Award for i-stop

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Mazda Axela 2.0 Sport (with i-stop)

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26th April, 2010

Mazda Motor Corporation has announced that the New Technology Development Foundation of Tokyo (Japan) has awarded it the Contribution Prize of the 42nd annual lchimura Industrial Awards for its development of the combustion technology used in i-stop, Mazda’s engine idling stop system. The Ichimura Industrial Awards are given annually to researchers or groups that make a significant contribution to industry by developing exceptional industrial technology in Japan.

Since i-stop was launched in Japan in the all-new Mazda Axela (known as Mazda 3 in export markets) in June 2009, it has won the 2010 RJC Technology of the Year prize from the Automotive Researchers’ & Journalists’ Conference of Japan, the 2009 Eco-Products Award from Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), the 2009 Technology Award from the Combustion Society of Japan, and the Technological Development Award from the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE). Mazda’s i-stop system, paired with a direct injection engine, has been acclaimed as eco-friendly technology for its improvement in fuel economy while ensuring a natural driving feel.

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Idling stop systems are relatively low cost and can be widely deployed to become a highly effective method of reducing CO2 emissions. In this sense, i-stop has potential to contribute to a more eco-friendly world. Mazda’s i-stop leverages the characteristics of direct injection engines to achieve a ‘combustion restart.’ This means that when the engine is stopped, the i-stop system injects fuel directly into a cylinder, and then ignites it to generate downward piston force to initiate engine restart. Using this technology, i-stop restarts the engine in less than a second, similar to other competing systems which is widely used throughout Europe by numerous vehicle manufacturers. This technology is presently available in Australia in certain models offered by Honda, Land Rover and Smart.

The award presentation ceremony will be held at 11:00 AM on Wednesday, 28th April, 2010, in Tokyo.


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