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Mazda i-stop for local testing (copyright image)

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13th December, 2010

The first Mazda equipped with i-stop, the company’s idling stop system, is now undergoing local testing ahead of next year’s Australian launch.

An engineering team from Mazda’s head office in Hiroshima is working closely with Mazda Australia ensuring that i-stop delivers on its promise of fuel saving without sacrificing driving fun.

Local testing will ensure i-stop technology is compatible with local fuel quality and climate conditions and meets the high standards of Australian drivers.

The i-stop system reduces fuel consumption by automatically shutting down the engine when the vehicle comes to a standstill, such as a drive-through restaurant, rail crossings, traffic lights and the like.

Mazda’s i-stop system has been designed for use with direct injection engines and uses combustion energy to restart the engine in just 0.35 seconds.

Only when the vehicle first comes to a standstill does the engine shut down automatically although the engine’s control module does not cut off the engine until the pistons are in the optimum position for restart.

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As the driver lifts the brake pedal to continue driving, fuel is injected directly into the cylinder, atomised, then ignited forcing the piston down. At the same time, the starter motor applies a small amount of additional momentum to the crankshaft resulting in a quick restart of the engine.

Alastair Doak, Mazda Australia National Marketing Manager said “The real-world fuel savings that  i-stop brings has helped it to become firmly established in both Europe and Japan. And with much of Australian driving taking place in suburban environments, i-stop will bring significant real-world fuel savings to Australian Mazda customers from next year. i-stop is just one of the many improvements that the new SKYACTIV technologies will offer customers as Mazda strives to improve global average fuel economy by 30 per cent by 2015.”

Mazda’s next generation SKYACTIV-G petrol engine and SKYACTIV-Drive automatic transmission are scheduled to make their Australian debut in 2011.


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